My Ex Best Friend

He promised. He promised me that he would never forget me. But he did. Never called, emailed, or texted me after the XFactor. And now he is back.


11. 1D Concert

We finally got to the concert and my heart was beating so fast. I didn't know what was going to happen. I wasn't ready to see him and especially that Meg and Eva were here too. We were waiting in the line to get in and a lady came around and said , "If I call your name please come over here, Megan Tyler, Eva Tyler, Skye Tomhson, Makayla Tomhson,…." When we heard our names we went over to the girl. A couple of other people were also coming when their names were called. "Okay so before the concert starts, you girls will have some time to talk to the boys. It will only be one group at a time so i need you guys to come get into some groups with the people you came." Meg, Eva, Skye and I got into our group. I really wanted to go in last to see the boys. "Okay so can any of the groups start the line over here?" two girls went and the rest of the groups started lining up.

"Guys lets get in line before were last." Eva said.

"Um Eva no we should go in last. You know save the best for last right?" I said because I really didn't want to go in first.

"Yeah you're right. Lets just go in the back." She said. Skye knowing what happened understood that i didn't want to go in first and she also swore not to tell anyone about Louis knowing me. We got in the line and the people right before us went into the room. I started freaking out and getting nervous. I don't even know why, but I started crying and everyone was looking at me. Megan came over and said, "Love there is nothing to cry about. You didn't even see them yet." 

"I know, i'm just really nervous. I'm gonna go to the bathroom and I'll be back. " I walked to the bathroom to look at my face and then I fixed my make up. I walked out and it was our turn to go in. I walked in and the saw me. I put my finger up to my lips to signal to stay quiet that we know each other.

"Hey girls how are you?" Liam asked us. I couldn't even stay there for a minute because the whole time Louis was staring at me. I started crying again, "I-I can't do this anymore." I said and stormed out and Louis came running behind me screaming my name,

"Kayla wait." 

"Louis, I can't I know I should've not stormed out of your house when you told me about the tour, I just I didn't know what to do."

"Kayla its alright. I understand you got upset and i should have told you as soon as I found out. I just didn't know how to do it."

"Lou, I'm sorry. Will you forgive me?" 

"There isn't anything to be sorry about. Now come on lets go greet your friends." We walked away into the room.

"Mikalya are you okay?" Eva asked me.

"Yeah i'm fine now, I just got a little break down." Me and Louis smiled at each other and I went to sit on the couch while the boys were talking to Skye, Meg, and Eva. After it was time for us to leave because the boys had to get ready, we went to our seats. After the concert was done my mom picked us up and i was so happy I fell asleep smiling. Its good we forgave each other. I would never live with out my best friend. 

(A/N)- Sorry it took so long to update. I'm writing a new story 6Th member go check it out! I'll update again asap. bye

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