Jaiden ( an emblem3 fanfiction)

Jaiden just moved to Hungtington in Caifornia, after her mom died and her and her dad didn't want to stay back in Philidelphia anymore Someone tried to get close with her but she doesn't want to be close to anyone but maybe he will change that with the help of his brothers.
Read on and find out:)
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Jaiden's POV

I slip into my house after seeing my dad was at work, or atleast he wasn't home. I run upstairs and see that my dad had a note on my door.

Dear Jaiden,

Where ever you are I want you to know that I love you and that I understand that you don't trust and you never will anymore since mom died. I can't stay strong. I cry at night because we arent as close as we use to. I can't take it anymore, dammit. I am sorry I have to do this. I have to get away from this world and this life and...you. I love you, Dad

I study the paper for a second before it hit me and I begin to brake down in the hallway. No one is here for me anymore. Wesley can go away because both my parents leave me and i am here by myself, to fend for myself and now I have to deal with it. I mean I have a job but not anything else. It won't pay off my house.

The doorbell rings and I walk to the door and wipe my eyes, not that makes a difference. I open the door to see Wesley there with my wallet, I move my eyes to him and he hugs me tight. It takes to much to fight so, I wrap my arms around him andhe holds me, letting my squeeze his arm because he knows I am hurting.

"Whats wrong?"Wesley looks into my eyes after I have calmed down. he is wiping away the mess of my make up now.

"Here."I hand him the note and he studies it, when he finishs he looks up with a sympathy look.

"I am so sorry, Jaiden."He says holding my hand and putting the paper on the table.'Listen, I can help you with this."He smiles and pulls my chin up to look at me.

"Wesley..."My voice cracks and he shakes his head.

"Jaiden, trust me, I will help you and get you through this. We can go somewhere after this year, make our own life."He gives me a half smiles and runs his fingers down my arm.

"Wesley, we aren't together. We are just friends!"I jump down off the counter. I have to pull my shit together.He is messing with my fucking head.

"I know, we can do that...as friends."It seems like it was so hard for him to say the last part. I shove my hands in my pockets and pace around looking at the ground for a secnd.

"Ohkay, I need to get ready!"I stop walking and look at Wes who is sitting at the table.

"For what?"

"My job, now you can either go or wait for me to get ready which may take a while."I cross my arms, he goes to the couch and sits down, turning off the tv. I nodd and run upstairs, hearing the TV blare all the way upstairs.

I walk downstairs after taking my shower, I have no clothes, I hold my towel close to me, when I peek around the corner and see Wesley sitting there. I walk into the kitchen, knowing that Wesley had a smile on his face. That little shit. I grab a pair of jeans and a tank top. I run upstairs and change and get ready.

"Ohkay, lets go!"I smiles and we head out.



Jaiden calls me after she gets off work and I walk her home. She lays on me as we watch a movie. She must be asleep because she is breathing ever so lightly but then she begins to stop moving and I look at her, she had no movement and I flich out my phone after shaking her.

"Hello 9-"And thats when she gets me, she jumps and begins to laugh so hard, "I am so sorry,"I hang up and then playingly hits Jaiden's arm. this girl is going to give me a heart attack.

"You scared the shit out of me."I cross my arms and pout. She plops ontop of my lap and puts her arms around my kneck. She ever so lightly leans in so we are centementers apart.

"Just friends."I whisper to her but she nodds and our lips touch. She does puts some agression into it but then bites my lip, I smile and then she pulls away.

"Just friends!"She smiles before going to change. When she comes back she is in a tank top that almost covers her underwear. Oh how she made me want to kiss her even more. SHe is a killer.

"Jaiden?"I ask her as she almost falls asleep on me.

"What?"Her sleepy voice is adorable.

"Where is your mother?"I say weakly. I am scared of her answer. I hear her soft cries begin.

"She died in a car accident."She chokes after calming down.

"Now don't ask me that again or I will break your face."She gives me a small smile before going to sleep. And that face stays in my mind all night long.


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