Jaiden ( an emblem3 fanfiction)

Jaiden just moved to Hungtington in Caifornia, after her mom died and her and her dad didn't want to stay back in Philidelphia anymore Someone tried to get close with her but she doesn't want to be close to anyone but maybe he will change that with the help of his brothers.
Read on and find out:)
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4. 4

Wesley's POV

"What do I have to do?"I see her mouth form a smirk.

"You have to tell me one thing."I nodd. "You have to learn everything about me! Not forget one thing!"That seems simple. I mean how much do I need to know.

"Tell me!"I want to earn her trust.

"First you are going to take me out to dinner."I can deal with that. "Pick me up at 8."She skates away after I nodd. 

How hard can this be? So far it is very simple.

Jaiden's POV

I dress in my best skinny jeans, my favorite vans and a hoodie with my hair straightened. I hear the door ring and race to the door before my dad.

"Jaiden! There is a boy at the door for you!"My dad yells when I make it downstairs. God damn it, he beat me.

"Ohkay, I will be back at 10!"I say slamming the door so I am outside with Wesley. "Ohkay where are we going?"I ask as Wesley and I start walking down the street.

"Well we are going to some France resturant."I let out a smalllaugh and then he leads me to the correct place.

We get into the resturant and Wesley speaks to the waiter. But then the waiter turns to me.

"You can not eat here, you are not dressed enough and mature enough."God I hate that stupid british accent. The typical weighter. I form fists in my hoodie sleaves.

"Well atleast we can deal with the fact that we aren't old, I bet your brain even says you are stuck up!"I snap and then swing around and go outside. Wesley right on my heels.

"Oh snap!"He says laughing afterwords. I begin to let out a laugh and he smiles at me. I show a smirk still remembering my plane.

"Ohkay well we can just go to somewhere else."I look at him and he nodds, as if he already has a plan.

"Here we are!"He stands infront of hooters. Iturn to him and raise an eyebrow. We head in and take a spot. I bet he is only here for the girls. I know his type.

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