Jaiden ( an emblem3 fanfiction)

Jaiden just moved to Hungtington in Caifornia, after her mom died and her and her dad didn't want to stay back in Philidelphia anymore Someone tried to get close with her but she doesn't want to be close to anyone but maybe he will change that with the help of his brothers.
Read on and find out:)
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3. 3

Wesley's POV

I look over at lunch and see Jaiden sitting alone, staring off into space. I also notice she has no food on the table. She better not be starving herself because I would really like to make her my friend. And if she doesn't starve then I will make it happen no matter what.

I get up and sit next to Jaiden who ignores me sitting there."Hey, do you want me to get you some food?"I smile at her but she shakes her head and reachs for her bag to leave. "Why don't you want to be friends with me, or anyone? I saw you ignoring Maggie on the way to school."I see her hand drop her bag and she looks over at me. Her eyes roll to the clock and then to me

"Because I don't need anyone ohkay. Now will you please stop trying and leave me alone!"She angrily grabs her bag and then leaves. It takes me about 5 seconds to realize that I am letting her walk away.

I jump up, grabbing my bag and follow her. I reach her and stand behind her locker door where she won't see me. She jumps when she closes her locker and sees me.

"Go away."She says and then walks down the hall. I follow right on her heels and she leaves the school. I follow her as she stops a few steps infront of the door. "What do you want from me?"She is pissed.

"I want you to know that you do need someone in your life!"I say grabbing her hand that was layed to her side. She glances down and doesn't say anything.

"I-"I stop her by shushing her and stepping the small space between us. In the short time I have before she finds out what I am doing. I smash my lips into hers. She doesn't pull away either.

I can only imagine what she is thinking.

Jaiden's POV

I feel my lips touch Wesley's but something in my body shuts down so  I can't  pull away. Wesley soon enough pulls away though.

"What did you just do!?"I nearly scream when I can speak. I remember he says I do need someone in my life. Maybe he is right but that doesn't mean I will let him until my life.


"Spit it out!"

"I want you to listen."

"Well you have my attention."I shift my weight to my left foot while crossing my arms.

"It isn't good for you to shut people out."There is a short pause where I didn't have the strength to speak because I remember my mom and how she was so close to me. "Just let me in!"He says stepping closer to me.

"Will you ever stop trying if I don't let you in."


"Well then you have to earn my trust!"Honestly, I will put him to work until he understands how hard I am to deal with and then leaves me alone and gives up.

"What do I have to do?"He seems willing, but too willing.

"This is going to be fun!"I mummble to myself as I laugh to myself.

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