The Immortal Descendants

Emily Cole has grown up her entire life believing that she was invisible to the entire world only to find out that she has been trapped in the immortal world ever since she was born. When brought by two men to a camp she is trained and skilled to become a scavenger to fight off ungodly hybrids created by the devil or who they call 'the unworthy one'. When juggling a new life, a love triangle, and finding who her parents are, she finds herself and will fight for her newfound family she learns to accept and love.


1. Chapter 1








When we’re younger, we always thought that monsters under our beds were real; now we think they’re gone, out from under the beds and out of the closets but little do we know, they’re still around.




  Chapter 1








Feeling the smooth skin of my fingers as they brush throw my brown hair, I can’t seem to make my curls be tame even though they are long and dull. Being invisible to everyone around me is quite calming sometimes but it’s frustrating when you actually need someone, it almost breaks you as a person being so lonely. I walk out to the room that my parents are glued to, Dad watching a football game, and mom is drinking her tea.




 “I’ll be out late tonight,” I say “Maybe do some drugs, and do the crack.” I say being completely unidentified by my own being. I take the vase full of fresh flowers my mother gets from her friend a few houses down and I drop it, the vase goes shattering to pieces. My parents look at me blankly like the vase had fallen by itself; like the wind were to blow it over and off the old table. I sigh and go to the door and go outside, walking on the sidewalk to sit on the curb watching as cars go buy.




 As I look around I spot two large men walking up to me all dressed in black with daggers on their belts and they send off a bad energy when I see them but I cannot take my eyes off their captivating eyes, it’s like they’re hypnotic. I try clear my eyes to make sure that this is real but I can wrap my head around it.




 “Are you Emily Cole?” one asks




 “Who are you?” I ask




 “We asked your name” the one with green eyes says




 “You have the right person” my voice shakes as I break out into a nervous cold sweat.




 “Emily Cole, up until this moment your life has been an entire lie.” the taller and more structured one informs me.




 “That can’t be true.” I say still unable to believe them.




 “You can trust us. We were sent here by someone who needs you,”




 “Who? And what are? I ask




 “We’re scavengers, we hunt the hybrids created by Satan, we aren’t associated with him, we are with HIM” the man points he sky like heaven.




 “So are you humans?’




 “No, we are scavengers. Meaning we can travel to the human from our immortal world. It’s just like your world but no humans may enter into it.”




 “What does this all mean, what does this have to do with me?”




 “It means that you have a choice, to come with us or to stay here in a miserable and invisible life?”




 I let them decide for me, in a sense that I didn’t want to stay in this boring town anymore. They have taken off their hoods, exposing their faces. One has dark hair but green eyes I can’t get over, the other has blonde hair and deep blue eyes, both have shaggy hair.




 “Where are we going?”




 “We’re going to the camp.”




 “Camp? And can I ask you your names?”




“I’m Ajax but you can call me AJ” the blonde says while leading us.




“I’m Lennox” the other says




 “Good to know, I wouldn’t know how to tell you apart”




  We make our way into the woods and I trip and fall on along the way, Lennox grabs my arm after I fall and helps me up,




 “Watch where you step” Lennox says helping me.




 I nod and let them take the way to where they were heading. As we walk, the day gets starts coming to an end as the sun goes down and my stomach grumbles in hunger.  Ajax stops at a clearing in the woods and he takes out a silver key and feels the force field. Is this even considered to be real? He finally finds the keyhole and unlocks the clearing to open up a way into what they call ‘camp’ and we enter.




“Why is this place locked?” I ask as we walk the path past a couple of guards with an intention to protect us. They give me a look like they were pleased to have us back, like if it were benefitting them. Ajax leads us again in the direction of a large building, I look at the campfires lighting up as people begin to camp out by the riverbank.




 “We have people who camp out here to watch for any hybrids trying to come in and we fight them off.” Says AJ walking through some low, flimsy branches from the tree and we follow. As we get closer to the building; it lights up and shows how big it really is, it looks like a castle and beautiful. AJ looks back to Lennox and I, I have a feeling that he doesn’t like me much, neither does Lennox, but that’s the feeling I get from them. They’re doing their job and they aren’t here for friendship; I’m not either, I just want to know what I am and why I’m here, but I have a feeling in my gut that it’s not going to be an easy task, these hybrids that AJ mentions seem pretty cruel, or seem like they pose a threat to them.




 “This is as far as I go, I have camp duty with Atticus.” He says “Lennox will take you to your dorm where you will room with Iris and Isobel, twin sisters from camp 19 but they transferred here due to evacuation of the camp…making it no more.” AJ looks down like he lost someone or something dear to him when mentioning the other camps.




 “I have it from here AJ,” “I won’t bite” Lennox says putting his backpack back on his back after searching for something.




                 Lennox and I walk to the large building and go in two large doors, not just ordinary doors but they were wood and had many locks on the inside to keep everything safe I suppose. Lennox nudges me as to go along his way and we walk towards another corridor.




 “You have to meet Sir James, and then ill guide you to your room,” he opens the door




 “Any advice?” I ask




 “Be yourself” he says before nudging me into the large room. There are people talking all turned around and they don’t face me until the door shuts and it makes a loud noise. They all turn around and look at me, unprofessional and unprepared.




 “Who are you?” a man asks in a same uniform of AJ and Lennox.




 “I’m Emily Cole, Lennox and AJ sent me here.” I say nervously




 “Yes, Emily.” He looks at me from where he is and raises an eyebrow.




 “You’re bleeding…why?” he asks




 “I fell in the woods.” I honestly admit.




 “We’ll have you cleaned up in no time, but firstly, I am Sir James and I’m going to help you survive.”




 “Thank you” I say softly




 “You’re welcome,” he smiles a bit before motioning a lady to come forward and wait to his attention.




 “Will you get Emily her appropriate attire and show her to her chamber?”




 “Sir, shouldn’t we clean her up? She’s bleeding.” She looks at me with trusting eyes




 “Get her bandaged up then” he says and the lady races to me and pulls me out of the room and along with her. Her grip on my arm is forceful and I try to keep up with her pace.  She takes me up the long staircase and to the right going down a long hallway, I feel like I'm in prison but I don't care, at least I've got two people. I didn't realize that I had truly gotten myself into this one and it wasn't even my fault.


 "Your room is right here, Iris and Isobel are expecting you." she stops at the door to unlock it. "You'll have your tests tomorrow" she gently puts the key in my had and pushes me into the room unintentionally.


 "So you must be the new girl" a tall and slim girl with red hair walks buy with her dagger in her hand.


 "Yes," I shyly answer holding the key and my jacket close to my chest like a scared child.


 "I'm Iris, hopefully you don't get me mixed up with my twin sister Isobel." She sighs, her accent seems to be Scottish but it suits her well, everyone else I have met has a English accent, like all descending from England.


 "I'm Emily" I say shortly from the fact that I want to be alone.


 "Cute name, but I hope you survive here, it can get quite harsh. Especially when another camp is evacuated. they drop like flies nowadays." she takes a drink of her glass and the sits it down on the table.


 "What do you mean by harsh?" I ask her


 "It means that when your blood is tested and it comes back positive you are apart of the team, which means going into the mortal world is required for you. but if you do not pass the test you never get to see the mortal world or ever go out of this camp unless dead. You will be a guard and only fight here in the camp, unfortunately there are only a few of us full bloods, and I hope you are one of them."


 "full blood?"


 "It means that both of your parents are scavengers." she says with a completely honest answer.


 "Who is asking about our immortality Iris?" an identical twin come out of what looks like her room. I get caught in look at the beautiful architecture of the room, its like heaven.


 "Isobel, meet Emily, she'll be bunking with us." Iris introduces us


 "Oh, Hi, you're cute. I like you" Isobel says before going into the kitchen to look into the fridge.


 "Sorry about her, she's more of like an evil twin." Iris says with a laugh in her voice


 "I heard that" Isobel snaps


 Iris and I both laugh but I am shown to my room and I sty there for the remainder of the night. I don't speak, I just think to myself and why I'm here. I can't fight, I am not a fighter, I cant even punch let alone throw a knife. I get tired staring at my feet but suddenly I hear a knock at my door.


 "Come in..." I say wit a croak in my throat and gulp it down while I stand


 Iris comes in with black clothing and hands them to me. I look at the clothing until she clears her throat to say something.


 "I know this is all new to you, but it's normal for newcomers to be scared. Don't worry, if you need anything just tell me." she smiles slightly.


 "Thank You" I shake in my skin, missing my own room and my own bed; But that's all a lie.


 "We wake at seven, you have to meet Atticus." she says and I nod looking down.


 "Sweet dreams, ducky." she says before closing the door slightly.


                      That next morning I wake up holding tight onto my jacket and the key is by my pillow, feeling smart, I take my pendant off of the chain and I slide on the key to make sure I never forget it. I take the clothes set out for me by Iris and I put them on along with the combat boots and a navy jacket hanging on the doorknob.


 I take a deep breathe and exit the room to see that Isobel was there with Lennox, he turns to look at me and Isobel comes to me with a hair tie in her hand.


 "Here, let me fix your hair." she says pulling my hair half up making my curls spill out in various places. I'm wondering why she is being so nice to me, but I take it as a nice gesture.


 "I'll take her to the test room." Lennox winks at me and motions for me to follow him so I do. As we walk I can almost feel his green eyes staring at me, so I look to him and he looks away.


 "So, you and Isobel?" I ask with a grin forming on my lips.


 "Oh, no, she seems to think that I like her." Lennox smiles


 "Are you sure?" I raise an eyebrow


 "Yeah, this isn't a place for romance Emily." he smiles. "But you should go in, they'll be waiting on you."


 "Wish me luck" I sigh and walk in.


            I walk into what looks like to be a clinic but a lady comes to my attention.


 "You must be Emily, come with me." she walks into a completely white room and makes me sit on a table where she aggressively pushes up my jacket sleeve and pushes a needle into my arm and holds a device probably to indicate what I am. After a few long moments pass by and the device starts to beep and the she looks at the monitor on the screen and looks startled, the lady rushes out of the room and I can't understand what she's saying to someone outside. Before I know it the female returns with a man and he's holing a shot and the lady holds my shoulders down as I start to squirm.


 "No! Please! No!" I scream and the man covers my mouth with his palm before stabbing the needle into my upper shoulder and I black out quickly before the medicine takes over my body and I can't feel anything after that.

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