Meeting Bieber In Person

Cathy and Mia went to a Justin Bieber concert, and Meet And Greet. When Justin saw Cathy, he fell for her right away. They swap numbers and soon enough start hanging out. What happens when Mia meets Chaz? Will Cathy and Justin start dating? Read more to find out!


1. Meet And Greet Tickets

                 *Cathy POV* 

              I woke up early this morning so I could hear my favorite radio talk show. This morning they were giving away 2 meet and greet ticket to see Justin Bieber. My family is not really that wealthy so I cant really afford ticket to any of his concerts. So when I heard that I was really excited that they were giving these tickets away. I waited for the number to be called out. When they told the 1800 number I quickly dialed the number on my phone and called. I waited forever until they answered my call I was worried that I was to late and they already had a winner so I was crossing my finger that I was the 19th caller. When they said that I was the 19th caller I went out of control I was saying "OMG thank you so much!!" over and over again! Once I was off the phone I called my friend Mia to tell her that I won two meet and greet ticket to see Justin Bieber in concert. We both went wild.

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