Meeting Bieber In Person

Cathy and Mia went to a Justin Bieber concert, and Meet And Greet. When Justin saw Cathy, he fell for her right away. They swap numbers and soon enough start hanging out. What happens when Mia meets Chaz? Will Cathy and Justin start dating? Read more to find out!


5. Hanging Out with Justin and Chaz

                 *Cathy's POV*

                         "MIA! WAKE UP!" I said and threw ice cold water on her. She jumped right up and yelled "YOU BITCH! MY PHONE IS HERE! JUST FUCKING LEAVE I WAS ALREADY FUCKING AWAKE. GOD DAMN IT! Leave." As you can tell, she is a bit cranky. Like, all the time. It's like she acts like she's on her period all the time! "Sorry." I mumbled and went back to my room. I had already showered and got dressed so I just got my phone and texted Justin. J- Justin M-Me

M- Hey :)

J- Hey beautiful

M- Aha flirty aren't we?

J- No, just saying the facts

J- So, what are you wearing?

M- Shorts, a tee, and shoes. Casual like u said

J- Nice. 

M- Yeah, so wut r we going 2 b doing?

J- Nothin much, just hang out @ my house, watch some TV and possibly go swimming

M- So, I need a bathing suit?

J- Yeah, and ur friend. 

M- Alright well I have to go eat so see you soon!

J- K l8r babe ;)

                 I smiled and went downstairs and made some cereal. Mia came down and said "Sorry for my bitchy attitude. But you should've never dont that in the fucking first place." "I know and I'm sorry. How's your phone?" "You're so god damn lucky it's fine. 'Cause I would've killed you. Anyway, so what's the agenda for today?" "Nothing much, just gonna go out with Justin and Chaz." 

*Mia's POV*

          Wait. What? Am I missing something? "As in Bieber? And Chaz Somers?" "Yeah. Now-" "hOLY SHIT WE'RE MEETING CHAZ SOMERS?!? I MEAN I LOVE JUSTIN AND HE'S MY IDOL BUT CHAZ IS LIKE PURE SEX." "Here we go.." Cathy mumbled. I chuckled and said "Sorry about that. My inner fangirl came out." "Haha it's fine, go get your bathing suit because Justin said we might go swimming at his house." I nodded and ran back up to my room


"Woah. Justin, your house is amazing!" Cathy and I said, he chuckled and said "Thanks." I nodded and followed Cathy and Justin; I think they were hitting it off. I was happy but I really like Chaz and he hasn't even talked to me. I looked over at him and he was staring at me and smiling. I blushed and looked away, he said "Sorry. I-I just think you're really pretty." "Thanks. I think you're handsome too." He smiled and held out his hand for me. I hesitated; and then held his hand. He intertwined our fingers and I smiled. I looked back at Justin and Cathy who were staring at us smiling. Cathy gave me a thumbs up and Justin nodded in response and smiled. I smiled back and went back to facing Chaz. I said "So, where are you taking me?" "To a hill top, there's this cliff thing and the sunset looks beautiful there. And I wanna show you." "Sounds amazing."


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