Meeting Bieber In Person

Cathy and Mia went to a Justin Bieber concert, and Meet And Greet. When Justin saw Cathy, he fell for her right away. They swap numbers and soon enough start hanging out. What happens when Mia meets Chaz? Will Cathy and Justin start dating? Read more to find out!


7. Days Later...

             *Mia's POV*

                    Its been about two weeks since I started dating Chaz, and Cathy started dating Justin. The word got around quickly and we even have shipping names! Justin and Cathy are "Custin" which sounds like custard to me. Then, Chaz and I are "Fomers" cause my last name is Freeman and his is Somers. It's a bit weird and isn't as cool as "Payzer" but ya know. Today Justin and Chaz are coming over for movie night and we're just going to chill. Justin and Cathy have been spending less time cause of the Believe Tour but they're getting through it. Chaz and I were invited but I dont know if I'm going because of school, but I dont want to hold Chaz or Cathy back either. The struggle is real haha. I went downstairs and saw Cathy flipping through different channels. M- Me C- Cathy

M- *sits on couch*

C- Hey

M- Hola

C- What do you want?

M- I need help

C- Babe, we all know you need help

M- Not like, mentally! You know how Justin invited me to the Believe Tour?

C- Yeah, so?

M- Well, I dont know if I should go cause of school and Chaz said that he doesnt wanna go if I'm not going and I dont want to hold him back from hangiing out with hs best friend than staying here with me while most of the time I'll be at school

C- Hmm, well you have a point. But you should talk to him about it.

M- Yeah, true. So, how are you and Justin?

C- We're good, he leaves for Puerto Rico early tomorrow

M- That sounds cool.

C- Yeah I guess

M- You dont seem to happy...

C- I heard that Selena is staying at the same hotel as him..

M- Dont think about it! Justin would never cheat on you.

C- I hope not

M- Let's get your mind off things. How bout we go to Justin's house now and go to the pier?

C- Sure, thanks Mia.

M- You're welcome! Now come on!


      "Thanks for coming!" The ticket lady yelled as we left. We just left Six Flags and it was pretty fun. I didn't go on much roller-coasters though, I have a fear of heights. Now we're in the car. Me and Chaz in the back, and Justin and Cathy in the front. Justin was driving. I was holding Chaz's hand and my head was on his shoulder. After a while we got to Cathy and I's house and Chaz walked me in. I asked him if we could talk in my room and he said yeah. I led him to my room and sat on my bed. He sat next to me and said "Are you breaking up with me?" "No. Its just um..." "Baby, you can tell me." "I dont want to hold you back from going to the Believe Tour if I stay here for school. I mean yeah I'll miss you but I dont want to you hold back." "Mia, I told you I'd stay if you did because we just started dating and I wouldn't want to leave you like that." "Oh.. Sorry then." "No need to be. It's cute how you were so worried and everything." "Thanks I guess." "Haha, well I should go now." "Yeah. Goodbye." "Dont say goodbye." "Why not?" "Because goodbye means leaving and leaving means being forgotten." "Baby. I'm not leaving ever. This isn't goodbye. It's a... see you later." "See you later." I kissed his lips and then he left.

*Cathy's POV*

       I said bye to Justin and then walked up to my room. I changed and did all my girly things before jumping into bed. I turned off the lights and snuggled under the covers.

*A/N Sorry for the story being in most 'Mia's POV'. New chapter next Tuesday!*

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