Bullied (Harry Styles FanFic )

Harry use to bully Tia. Tia was a nerd but now she is the most beautiful girl. Tia works at a magizine and does the interviews for them. One day Tia has to interview One Direction, will Harry realize what he did was worng and fall for the girl or will he always be a bully?


There will be swearing and sexual scenes so don't come and say later I didn't warn you


36. Chapter 36

(Tia pov)
It wasnt the green eyes I know though. These green eyes were full of sadness, pain, hurt, and regret. I walked tword the boys and I had the fakest smile on my face. "Hey guys." I said.
"Tia!" All of them cheered except Harry, he was wearing a frown.
"Well we have a few minutes so you can wait here." I said walking away. I felt a hand go around my wrist and I knew right away who it was. I will not turn around though because if I do our faces will be THIS far apart. "Where are you going?" He asked and I sighed.
"None of your buisness Harry." I said snatching my wrist away from his. I started my way tword my office. I heard his heavy footsteps behind me and I sighed. I went around a corner and I shivered. This was the hallway Harry pushed me against the wall. I walked through the door in my office and went to the chair behind my desk and Harry sat in the chair infront of me. "What do you want Harry?" I asked looking anywhere but at him.
"Well I want a lot of things, but for starters will you look at me?" He begged so I did.
"Why are you here?" I asked.
"I want you back." He said lowly. I scoffed and stood up, I walked to the door and before I closed it behind me I looked back at Harry.
"How does it feel to want?" I asked before slamming the door behind me.

(Harry pov)
"How does it feel to want?" She asked before she slammed the door closed behind her. Im not giving up though, I will never ever give up. I will not rest until Tia is mine again. I love that girl more than anything in this world. Why did I have to fuck everything up again? What the fuck is wrong with me? I couldnt take it anymore I broke into tears. I was hiccuping and sniffing when I felt a gentle had rub my back. I knew right away who it was though. I turned around and held her tight in my arms, I buried my face in her neck and she ran her hands up and down my back. "Im sorry. Im so fucking sorry. Please Tia I love you." I said as she was sushing me.
"Harry we can talk about it later. Go get your make up done and please stop crying." She said.
"Promise?" I asked weakly.
"I promise. Now go." She said smiling.
"Ok." I said wipeing my tears.

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