Bullied (Harry Styles FanFic )

Harry use to bully Tia. Tia was a nerd but now she is the most beautiful girl. Tia works at a magizine and does the interviews for them. One day Tia has to interview One Direction, will Harry realize what he did was worng and fall for the girl or will he always be a bully?


There will be swearing and sexual scenes so don't come and say later I didn't warn you


29. Chapter 29

(Harry pov)
I was watching tv, when a breaking news sign flashed across the tv. "Im Katie Weathers here to tell you there was a horrible plane crash. I have one image so far and im going to show you it now." She said

.Oh my god! Thats Tias plane! Is she ok? What happened? I need to find her! I cant lose her! "As you can tell, it was a bad crash. So far, everybody that was found is dead." She said and my heart shattered.
"Everyone died except...." She paused and looked at the name.
"A beautiful girl. This is her." She said.

Tia! Shes ok! "Sources tell me that she doesnt have much time tough. She has a massive crack in her skull, and her liver is failing. She was taken to a hospitle in London and she has a 36% chance she is going to live. So sad. Coming your wa-" I turned the tv off and jumped off of the couch. I got in the car with tears running down my face. I dont think I ever drived so fast in my life. I made it to the hospital in 7 minuets and it usually takes a half an hour. I ran in the door of her room and when I saw her, my heart craked even more. She had tubes and wires sticking out of her, I pulled a chair over so I was right at her side. I took her hand in mine and I kissed it lightly. "Please wake up. I cant lose you or I will die too." I said with tears flowing down my face and my nose running. "I love you." I said entwining our fingers and set them on the bed at her side.

(Tia pov)
All I see is light, I stick my hand up so the light wasnt directly in my eyes. "Honey?" I heard a familier voice say. I turned my head to the right and saw her. "Mom?!?" I asked running into her arms.
"Hi princess." I heard another voice say. I opened my eyes and looked to the left.
"Daddy." I said hugging him. "I missed you guys so much." I said crying.
"We missed you too princess. You can come to heaven with us, or you can go back." My mom said softly.
"I dont know what to do." I said.
"If you come with us, youre leaving so much behind. Your new job, your new flat, your new car, and.....And Harry. If you go back, you can have all those things, but leave us. What do you want to do princess?" My dad asked. I couldnt think straight, what should I do? I smiled, I know just what to do.
"I want to go back. I love you guys, but I lave Harry. I cant leave him." I said and they smiled.
"We're proud of you. We love you." My mom and dad said. They kissed my forhead and I smiled.
"I love you guys too." I said and everything went black. BEEP. BEEP. BEEP. I opened my eyes and saw a very tired Harry. He had puffy eyes and he was sleeping. I put my hands on his and his eyes shot open.
"Tia." He whispered.
"Hi." I squeaked. He jumped up and sat on my bed. He hugged me so tight, but im not complaining.
"I love you, I love you so much." He said kissing every inch of my face. His lips hovered over mine and I breathed out.
"I love you too." I said and he smashed his lips on mine.

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