Bullied (Harry Styles FanFic )

Harry use to bully Tia. Tia was a nerd but now she is the most beautiful girl. Tia works at a magizine and does the interviews for them. One day Tia has to interview One Direction, will Harry realize what he did was worng and fall for the girl or will he always be a bully?


There will be swearing and sexual scenes so don't come and say later I didn't warn you


18. Chapter 18

(Tia pov)
The boys decided that they were going to stay the night, I didnt mind though. I woke up really early and couldnt fall back asleep so around 7 I got up and changed into some farming clothes. (http://www.polyvore.com/cowgirl/set?id=79799940). I walked into the barn and put a sattle on blaze. She is my favorite horse, I had her at mine and Tylers old barn. I took her out and tried some old tricks I guess you could say. (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SJ2jLsLfpgI) I was in the middle of standing up when I heard someone yelling. "What the hell are you doing!!!" I lost my balance and fell off the horse, When I hit the ground I groaned in pain. "Are you ok?" Harry asked running to my side.
"Ohh just lovely. It feels wonderful when you get the wind knocked out of you." I said sarcasticaly.
"What the hell were you doing trying to stand on a horse! You could have killed yourself." He yelled at me and I stood up to his level knocking the dirt off of me.
"I doubt it Harry." I said.
"I wouldnt. What do you think your a dare devil?" He asked angry.
"Close Harry, but no. Just a sweetheart of the rodeo." I said kissing his cheek.
"What does that mean?" He asked.
"That means that I can do tricks on a horse. For example, standing on one with my arms out." I said and his jaw dropped.
"You use to do that?" He asked.
"Harry I still do that." I said correcting him.
"Then why did you fall?" He asked.
"Well you try standing on a horse and have somebody yell 'what the hell are you doing!' on the top of their lungs. It WILL scare you and you WILL fall." I said giggeling and he wrapped his arms around me.
"Im sorry." He said.
"For what?" I asked cconfused.
"For making you fall." He said.
"Im fine. Just a little bruse, but ill live. Do you know how many times a horse has bucked me? Believe me that hurts ten times worse." I said giggeling.
"Are you sure your ok?" He asked.
"Im positive." I said smiling at him.
"Ok lets go tell the boys about how much of a daredevil you are." He said smiling.
"Just tell them im a sweetheart." I said winking and he laughed.

When we got into the house all the boys were sitting at the kitchen table. I sat in the chair between Louis and Zayn. "Guys guess what?" Harry asked.
"What?" They all said.
"Tia is a sweetheart." He said and everybody laughed.
"I know she is." Zayn said kissing my cheek.
"No Zayn as in, in a rodeo sweetheart. She does tricks on horses, like stand on them." Harry said stilled amaized, and I laughed.
"He acts like it is the most awsome thing in the world." I said smiling.
"Its pretty cool. Come watch her do some tricks." He said pulling us all out of the house. I knew he was going to make me do this. I walked up to blake and got on the saddle. "Ready girl?" I asked. "Yahh." I yelled and she took of running. I started up by just standing then I dropped down on the saddle and put one leg in the air, I flipped my leg over so I was on the back of her neck roding backwords. I did a couple of more things and when I was done I slowed blake down. "Easy girl." I said and I rode blake over to where the boys were standing. Their jaws were dropped and their eyes were big.
"THAT WAS AWSOME!" Niall yelled and we all bursted out laughing. The rest of the day I showed them tricks.

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