Biggest Nerd...Who Stole My Heart

Hi, my name is Taylor Payne, AKA, the little sister to the biggest jerk in school, Liam Payne. He bullies, calls people names and even the new freshmen lunch money. Now I am a bit of a popular girl myself. I'm star of the softball, volleyball, basketball and football (soccer) team. But this one day, changed my whole life.


3. Marcels House

Taylors POV

Marcel asked me to follow him, I wonder where we are going. "Okay, here we are." "Wow" I said, completely in shock. "Y-you own this car?" I asked. It was a very nice Audi R8. "Yea. My mom and dad both have good paying jobs, so I as long as I can pay for gas, they pay the insurance and the monthly fees." he explained. "Oh well, it sure is a nice car." "Here." he said, opening the door for me. "Thank you marcel." "Your welcome taylor." "Ya'know what, Marcel?" "What taylor?" he said very nervously." "Call me Tay." "O-okay tayl- tay." he said with a big smile on his face.

On the drive from school to his house, we talked about our day, even though we spent most of it together, we both cracked some jokes, and just told each other everything that has happened since 4th grade. 

*at marcels house.*

Once we arrived, he opened the car door for me, just like he had at school. And we walked up the long pathway leading up to his giant house. He opened the door to his house and took off his shoes, while I just stood there in utter shock on how beautiful, and modern his house is. "Wow marcel, your house is so beautiful." " like you." he whispered ujnder his breath. I just shock it off and followed him to his room. Once he opened his door, his room wasn't like I expected it to be. Everything was picture perfect, walls, a light blue with a calendar, a few math posters and one picture that caught my eye. It was when me and marcel first met.


It was the first day of pre-k, and I was swinging on the swing set in the school yard. I jumped of the swing when I thought it was okay, but instead I fell on the ground, scraping my knee. Marcel rushed over to me, helped me up and get dusted off, and took me to the teacher, while our moms were chatting.  "Hi, I'm Marcel." "Hi, I'm Taylor." And from that day on, we were insperable. Well at least until 4th grade.

*flashback over*

Tears started building up in my eyes and marcel instantly new something was wrong. "Oh my gosh, taylor, are you okay?" "Y-ea im fi-" and with that being said, I let the tears fall and i cried on marcel. "Taylor, Taylor look at me. Now, tell me why your crying." he said sweetly. "b-bec-cause, you kept that picture, a-and it brought back all those memories from when we were younger. I'm sorry about that, can you forgive me?" "Yes i can. Now look up at me." when i wouldn't look up at him, he put his pointer finger and thumb on my chin and lifted my head up, to see those beautiful green eyes. "Taylor, I-I, Ever since that day in 4th grade that we fought, i couldn't stop thinking about you, and now that we are friends again, i was wondering if you wan-"


CLIFFHANGER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL. this is not the co-author. its Kaitlyn!! so ill post the next chapter in a few minutes. What do you think will happen??

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