Biggest Nerd...Who Stole My Heart

Hi, my name is Taylor Payne, AKA, the little sister to the biggest jerk in school, Liam Payne. He bullies, calls people names and even the new freshmen lunch money. Now I am a bit of a popular girl myself. I'm star of the softball, volleyball, basketball and football (soccer) team. But this one day, changed my whole life.


4. Big Question


 "Taylor, I-I, Ever since that day in 4th grade that we fought, I couldn't stop thinking about you, and now that we are friends again, I was wondering if you wan-"


Taylors POV

Marcel got interrupted by his mom coming in. "Marcel I was wondering what you wanted to do for dinner to-" she stopped herself. "Marcel, you didn't tell me you were going to have friends over." she said smiling widley. "I know mum, but do you remember Taylor Payne?" "Yes, she's the girl you l-" she covered her mouth before she could say anything else. "Oh.My.Gosh." she said barely audible. "TAYLOR!!" she yelled. Then when she finally realized what she was doing, she stopped herself, again. "I haven't seen you in so long!! You look so pretty. And your so tall!! Are you going to join us for dinner?..." Mrs. Styles went on and on asking me different questions. "About dinner, I-I wouldn't want to be a bother." I said politely. "No, no. You wouldn't be any bother. Well" she clapped her hands. "What would you to like for dinner? I can order pizza, make sandwiches or spaghetti." "Ummm, spaghetti is fine, thank you, mum." marcel said pushing her out of the room. "Okay, just give me 20 minutes, and it will be done." "Okay, thank you Mrs. Styles."

"Phew, mothers, right??" he asked quietly. "Yeah... so about what you were saying earlier, 'if I wanted to... what?" "O-oh. A-a-about that..." he trailed off. "I-I w-w-was wondering... if you wanted to gooutwithmesometime?" he said really fast. "Umm I'm sorry what was that last part, again?" He took a deep breath and said, "Taylor Payne... will you go out with me?" he said a bit slower this time. I just stood there in shock. I was so happy, I couldn't find the words to say yes. Marcel put his head down even more when he saw my mouth agape. All I could do was nod. He didn't look the first time I nodded, and I could just barley see his eyes. They were getting all watery. "GOSH!!! I knew I shouldn't have asked you that. I mean," he laughed a sad laugh, "I mean, the one time ONE TIME I make a friend, who is a girl I might add, I screw it up by asking her out." he starts to look up, and when he does I nod, run and give him a big hug. "A-are you saying, w-what I think your saying." I nodded my head. "Yes Marcel....... I will. I will go out with you."



aweeee marcel has a girl friend!!!!! how cute!!!!!

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