Biggest Nerd...Who Stole My Heart

Hi, my name is Taylor Payne, AKA, the little sister to the biggest jerk in school, Liam Payne. He bullies, calls people names and even the new freshmen lunch money. Now I am a bit of a popular girl myself. I'm star of the softball, volleyball, basketball and football (soccer) team. But this one day, changed my whole life.


2. Becoming friends with the "enemy"

Marcels POV:

"H-hi I'm Marcel, Marcel Styles and you a- oh my gosh." I said in a hushed tone. "Taylor!! It has been sooo long!! How are you?"Hahaha im fine. But how are you??" she asked getting serious again. "I've had better days." I replied. "here let me give you a hand," she said softly as she helped me get up off the ground. Once I was up off the ground, I saw that I was towering over Taylor. And we were so close together. I felt sparks fly when we touched. I wonder if she felt them too..

*in the nurses office*

Taylors POV

Once we got to the nurses office, Marcels Nose stopped bleeding, and he almost stopped limping. "Ma'am, Marcel got into a fight and he needs help." "Okay, if you can follow me back here." said the nurse. "okay marcel, where did you get injured at??" " on my nose, stomach, legs, back and sides." he stated. "Okay, well I need you to take off your shirt, so I can see the damage done, alright?" "O-Okay." he ssaid he stood up, untucked his shirt from his slacks, undid his vest and shirt and took them off. And boy did he have abs. For a nerd, he sure is fit. The nurse checked him out,to see if anything was damaged or broken, and he only had bruised. Thank goodness. "Well since its almost the end of the day, ill write you two a pass to leave early, okay??" "OKay." we replied. "Umm, h-hey T-taylor?" "Yeah, marcel?" " W-would y-y-you," he cleared his throat,"would you want to come over to my house and hang out?" "I would love too." "Really?" "Yea, I mean since we haven't talked since 4th grade, maye we can catch up a bit." " okay. so follow me!"



what do you think will happen next?? anyways I have a co author now!! shes going to do the next chapter!!

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