You're my past and my present.

I have a huge crush on you, but you don't even know I exist.
I see pictures of me and someone who looks just like you in my mums photo albums and I need answers.
I feel like I've known you ages but I don't know how that's possible.
We have a special connection and I'm trying to find out my past.


1. Past - 2010

I looked sadly out of the car window as I watched my past life rush by before me, unable to stop it from disappearing. I past the cinema, the swimming pool, the park, the bowling alley, everywhere I used to go with my friends. I slumped down in my seat and sighed sadly.

Mum had been talking to a woman for the past few months and now were moving across the country to a small town named Stratford. Mum blames this move on me because of the bad choices I made. Once I got into high school I got into the wrong crowd and ended up doing drugs and drinking alcohol in excessive amounts and it got to the point were I depended upon them substances. I had two choices - rehab or move. I decided on the move as I didn't want to let my mum and my family down.

My mum claimed this woman to be one of her greatest friends, yet I'd never heard of her, which is unusual seeing as my mum's friends where round all the time - Pattie Mallette I think her name was. She'd lived in Startford for a little over a year and had a son named Justin. She is a single mum just like mine and moved due to bad choices creeping up. 

I watched out of the window as the hustle and bustle of the huge towns we drove through dimmed down to a small hush of a small town named 'Stratford'. I looked around nervously and started to play with the sleeves of my jumper, a habit I'd had since I was 5. My mum woke me up out of my thoughts "Everything will be fine honey" I smiled weakly back at her.

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