Broke My Heart

Brianna was 14 when she met Harry. Harry was 16 by then (before the X-Factor). They liked each other. They tried showing it but neither one of them thought they liked each other. When Brianna went to the mall she saw Harry with a girl. Harry waved but Brianna ran away thinking it was his girlfriend and got in to a tragic accident which caused her to forget everything in the past. What if it wasn't Harrys girlfriend? What happens if they meet again? Especially now that, She forgot all about him and that, Harry is one of the most popular guys in the universe? Does love come true again? Or does it end up with one being heartbroken? Dunno! I have to write the idea first! Anyway.... READ and please like or favorite it! And please feel free to comment your ideas and suggestions and what you think of it... BYE!


1. The crash

Brianna's P.O.V.

Hi! I'm Brianna! Brianna Ivanna Alexandria Yvonne T. (Tam) Nolan III. Long name, right? That's why people call me Bri instead! I used to write my name as Brianna I.A.Y Tam Nolan III. Ihave black hair with one thin streak of blue dye near my face. I have Dark brown eyes that seem black, rosy cheeks, fair skin, and pink lips. Nothing much about me though......

I was watching T.V. Then suddenly my mom came and changed the channel to a news channel in I think channel 20? I'm not sure though...... I think it was ANC but I couldn't understand what they said, cause you see.... My dads Canadian and Britsh, while my mom is simply Filipino so we stayed here in Philippines for the summer instead of staying over at London.

i walked up to the mall to get new shoes for Auntie Lorelie's wedding when I see my one true love Harry Styles. He considers me as just a friend though..... I look who's with him and there's a girl in his arms they looked a little bit the same but I don't know how this happened!! He sees me and waves at me but I dint move. I just ran. Ran as fast as I can. He tries to run after me but I just run faster then he stops running he looks at me confusion and worry in his face. I didn't want to do this but I had to. I just had to. I ran and ran. I just kept going. Not looking where I was or where I could be. The only thing that matters is Harry, But he's taken. I dint even ask who she was! She could've been his cousin or friend or something. I feel relief at the thought. But then again, it could be his girlfriend... Tears building up in my eyes I just keep running I never stopped. I just kept going. Trying to calm down but all I do is run. I run and run until I hear screams and a horn beep. I look to my right and the next think I knew, I was hit by a gigantic 

truck. I forgot everything and anything that happened in the past except for when I was about, I think 1-4 years old. Everything that had happened in the past ages of 10-14 are all out of my head except for lessons of course. All the sad and happy things. Gone.........

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