Missing! *Complete*

A girl named Abbigail, known as Abbie, was just 15 when she was kidnapped. She is now 17 and living with people she still doesnt know. She was sitting on her bed when she heard strange noises coming from downstairs. She's happy to fing her bedroom door open so, being her adventureous self, she tip toes downstairs to find her kidnappers are NOT who she expected. Will she make an appearance to her kidnappers and finally leave or will she end up locked away again?

Read to find out in Missing!


15. Oh no!

Lillie POV

I woke up naked next to Niall. I immediately got out of the bed quietly and picked my clothes and changed into something comfortable. I put on a plain pink tee with a pair of black shorts. I pulled my messy hair up in a bun and put on some of my favourite purfume anad my converse wedges. I walked downstairs to see Louis, Liam and Zayn downstairs. "Hey guys!" I said as I brushed past them to make myself some coffee. I have a pounding headache and apparently coffee helps. "We've made you one already!" Liam says, handing me a mug with coffee in it. Still warm. "Thanks." I take it from his grip and drink my coffee.

Abbey POV

I woke up half naked next to Harry. I gasped abit and Harry moved to then fall back asleep. Phew! I quietly slipped out of his grip but he pulled me down. "I know your awake princess. I just want you next to me...." I huff and get back into the warm duvet. "C'mon Harry," I said while trying to heave him out of bed. "Liams made breakfast......" He shot out of bed and ran down the stairs as fast as Ive seen that boy do it before. After changing into some comfortable clothes, I head downstairs to find Harry not so happy. "You.....................tricked me." I nodded while giggling with Liam and Zayn. "Its not funny!" He shouts but I go up to him and give him a hug. "Im sorry Harry. Its not funny..." We pulled away and sat down at the dinner table to eat breakfast.

Once we had finished, Lillie pulled me aside to speak to me quietly. "Abbey Im abit concerned at the moment....." I asked her why. "Why is that Lillie?" We walk down the garden path and she sits down on a bench. I sit down next to her. "I woke up this morning......." "Yes Lillie?" She carries on. "Naked next to niall........" There is silence in the garden until she speaks. "Do you think.............?" I think for a minute or two. "I dont know.....Lets just hope not, but I have to confess something too." I say looking down at the floor. "What is it abbs?" Lillie asks looking at me. I lift my head so Im looking at her too. "I woke up half naked next t.........t......to Harry."


Hey! Sorry this is short but this is just abit of a filler. Thank you for the lovely comments and favouriting and liking. Keep liking , favouriting, and commenting! I love all my fans and love their books too. Im going to update more tommorrow.

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