I Remember, but do YOU

"He'll remember, he promised"
she whispered.
The last thing she saw was his hand
waving, as their friendship bracelet jingled on his wrist.


9. Chapter 7


--------Still In the Past-----------


                    Niall"s P.O.V

It has been two weeks since i signed up. I'm leaving tomorrow. It has been the hardest yet most exciting two weeks. Me and Lilly spent the whole two weeks together. Sometimes I slept over at her house while other times she slept over at mine.

I still cant believe i signed up, Saying goodbye to her is going to be so hard. I went through so much with her. I still remember when i first saw her, she looked so-

"So are you going to take this shirt or not?" I turned towards Lilly, getting pulled out of my thoughts once again. 

"Emmmm......I dont know, sure...i guess.." I answered.

The closer it got to The Day, the sadder i got.I was especially sad today, since Lily came over to help me pack.

"Cheer up, Niall!" You are going to be FAMOUS!!!!!!!" exclaimed Lilly. She started to jump around, throwing clothes on the ground.

Those words stung. Its lke she WANTS me to leave and if i make it, she is going to use me for my money and fame....

"It sounds like you WANT me to leave, and if i make it, you are going to use me for my fame and money.." I told her, looking at her with sad eyes.

The second i said that, she stopped jumping and her smile fell.

" Oh no Niall, i dont want you to leave and i certainly will NOT use my best friend for his fame and money. I just dont like seeing you sad. It seems like YOU dont want to go and im forcing you. I have been through so much with you, ill never forget those times. And all this talking i was doing, was to cheer you up, which didnt work cuz i still see your sad face. If i had the chance, i would not let you leave, but im doing this for you Niall. That voice cant go to waste and you have to go, even if  it breaks my heart. I will be with you the whole way, cheering on you, voting on you. I just dont want to see you sad, you should be happy that you are going to fulfill your dreams, just like im happy for you." said Lilly, tears threatening to spill. 

I couldnt see her in tears.

I went over to her and gave her a Horan Hug.

Thats when we lost it.

We cried into each other's shoulders, realization finally hitting us.We both realized that the fake smiles aren't going to stick to our faces. They will eventually fall off, revealing the truth behind.

"I'm going to miss you so much," she whispered.

"I cant do this without you," I whispered back.

"I'll be with you, not only in your heart," she pointed to my chest,"But also bu watching the X-Factor." she finished with a smile on her face.

I smiled for the the first time in two weeks, a real genuine smile.

"You're so cheesy," I answer her,"Wanna go watch a movie,we are done packing anyway."


 I stare at her in disbelief....."UHHHHH............NO WE ARE WATCHING FINDING NEMOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!" I screamed at her, passing her as i flew towards the T.V.

The rest of the night we sat together and cuddled.

This is the last time i will be able to hold her like this in a long time.

I dont want tomorrow to come.

But at the same time im really excited.


Why is life so complicated?


Hi, this is a short chappie........i know.

Update 2morrow, yeah?


love you.!!!!!!!!!

should i make my chapters longer???



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