I Remember, but do YOU

"He'll remember, he promised"
she whispered.
The last thing she saw was his hand
waving, as their friendship bracelet jingled on his wrist.


3. Chapter 2

              Lillys POV

Once i left my house i began walking down the street. Oh i almost forgot. Hi, I'm Lilly Ellem (im not creative:P). I'm 17 and im a senior in high school. When i was 2 me and my parents moved to Ireland. Nothing happened there. At the age of sixteen i moved to America. I havent really made much friends here. But thats okay, i guess. 

As i was walking to school i heard alot of girls talking about one direction. Im not the biggest fan but i like their music. I walk by ignoring them until i hear a familiar name. "OMG NIALL IS SO HOT but hes taken.....""Omg i know NIALL is taken"Niall, Niall, niall, nIaLl, NIALL. That one name brought so many good memories but not without bad ones. I continue walking pushing the thoughts out of my mind. 

I was a block away from school until i saw blond hair. Then blue eyes. No it cant be. The thought brought tears to my eyes. I ran away from the guy, not caring if it was him or not. I couldnt keep the thoughts out of my head as the tears rolled down my face.



SOOOOOOOOOO.....do you like it?? okay so i know it sucks..:( BUT im working going to work one chapter 3 right now...............YAYAY IM SO EXCITED!!! please dont be afraid to press that like button;)SEE YA SOON




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