Joy of Innocence

This is a quick poem I wrote - bit random but oh well :)


1. Joy of Innocence

We are drowsy from unmerciful heat

And the surprise of summer

The temperature is stifling

The air is muggy


We sit cross-legged in the garden

Picking at the grass

When we decide

We will change the world


With the cloudless sky

And the chirping birds above us

It seems like we know all the answers

Hold all the cards


Nodding at each other

We feel like joy

Pure, indescribable happiness

Sitting here, in the emerald grass


How do we do it? I ask

We ponder this

Rack our sleepy brains

The sun in our eyes


Someone's stomach growls

Like some untamed animal

We laugh

And run for ice-cream


We can save the world another day

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