I'm Ellie , Ellie Longbottom

Ellie's in her 2nd year at school only to find out that she has had a crush on her bully the whole time.


1. Starting all over again

September the first 

Hi I'm Ellie ,Ellie Longbottom daughter of Neville Longbottom and Luna Lovegood.My parents got together after the war with voldemort and they both act as if nothing ever happened.I look nothing like my parents I am short I have long brown hair I love to wear my unicorn and elephant onesies and I am very repetitive thought I don't realize it.In 2 hours I will be leaving for hogwarts I am in my second year.Hogwarts is great I have loads of friends I am in Griffindor just like my dad ,I even found a secret room underneath my dormitories wear I sneak out at night with my dog cabboo ..But there are things I am not looking forward to at Hogwarts like my arch enemy scorpio Malfoy as everyone calls him.Just because I hang out with lilly doesn't mean he can tease me but this year I bet you that scorpius Malfoy will go home,with no smirk on his face at all

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