Besitos {Kellic}

Vic is just a helpless kid living with his step parents and step brother, Mike. He gets pushed around a lot by Mike in the house, his step mom and step dad don't care about him, he gets bullied at school by Mike and his friends, he's also the outcast of the school. When Mike meets Kellin and makes him his friend, Vic starts to gain feelings for him. What happens when Vic can't fight his feelings any longer?


1. Chapter 1: The New Guy

"Wake up, Vic! You're gonna have to have drive me to school, fag!" Mike kept trying to push me off the bed then he succeeded. I looked him to see Mike towering over me. "We're going to be late, idiot!" I quickly got up and saw the time. 7:30 AM. "Hurry up!" I heard Mike from across the hall. I grabbed my skinny jeans, quickly pulling them on and I tossed on a Drop Dead shirt. Looking through my closet, I found my black vans so I slipped them on, grabbed my backpack and ran downstairs. I looked out the window to see Mike already on the bus and leaving.

"Late...again. I guess I don't have to rush eating breakfast now." I walked into the kitchen and pulled out a bowl then poured Cheerios and milk. I grabbed a spoon then I took a spoonful of cereal. Once I finished my cereal, I washed my bowl and spoon then headed out the door. "It's 9:10. Woo! Skipped math and english plus two beatings. New record." I laughed to myself and walked to school. I walked in the office and got my tardy note, making my way to my locker so I can drop my stuff off for gym. My locker finally opened and a note came out, I picked up the note which said:

"Just because you skipped a few periods doesn't mean we aren't going to beat you up.


Well fuck my life. Eh, whatever. I put my backpack into my locker and closed it then ran to the gym lockers. My locker didn't budge the first two times but third times the charm, right? Finally my locker opened so I quickly got changed then ran to roll call. Lucky for me, the teacher didn't notice I was tardy. Well to be honest, none of the teachers ever noticed me except for my music teacher. 

"Alright kids!", I snapped back in reality, "today is a free day! So do whatever you want! I seriously mean whatever, I really could care less." Everyone got happy at the thought of that. "Dismissed! Have fun!" My P.E. teacher was sweet. She never made us run laps or do written tests. 

"Hey Vic!" That voice sounded familiar so I turned around.

"Tony! Hey!" I smiled.

"Hey! Jaime wanted me to tell you he's sorry he couldn't come to school today. His family went out of town for awhile."

"Oh okay. Well turtle, what should we do?"

"The usual." Our usual was changing back into our normal clothes and sitting in the shade. 

"Alright bud." We made our way back to the locker rooms and changed. When we were leaving I saw Mikes group hanging out at their usual spot. There was Craig, Oliver, Alex, Jack and- wait, is that a new guy? He has long, black wavy hair. His eyes were greenish brown. He was wearing black skinnys, a red plaid shirt and TOMS. Wow. He's really attractive. 

"Ugh Vic?" 


"Did you just call Kellin attractive?"

"N-no." Kellin. That name really fit his looks.

"Oh okay! Well let's get going, Mike and Craig were looking for you second period."

"Oh alright." We walked out if the locker rooms to hear the bell ring. We saw tons of guys running to the locker rooms but Tony and I just went to our next class, Science. We both walked into our class and went to our seats. I sit all the way in the back, nobody sits next to me so I get tons of space. Tony and Jaime sit together and they seem quite happy. I honestly couldn't stop thinking about Kellin...his eyes, his hair, everything. The bell rang, making me snap into reality. Zoned out twice over some guy, damn. Wait..this can't be happening...

"Hello class! Meet our new student, Kellin!" Oh shit, no. "Kellin, dear you can sit by Vic. Vic raise your hand." Don't do it, don't do it, don't d- and there goes my hand. I dropped my arm down and saw Kellin walk to the seat. Once he sat down, he looked at me and smiled.

"Hey, my names Kellin." He held his hand out so I shook it.

"Vic. Nice to meet you."

"Like wise. So...Mikes your brother, right?"

"Ugh y-yeah. Why do you ask?"

"We saw you in the locker room, he kept saying things about you."

"Oh...well yeah. I get bullied by them a lot."

"By your own brother? Why?" I looked down. I think he got the message because he didn't ask anything else afterwards. "I'm sorry I asked that."

"It's okay, Kellin." He smiled.

"Well kids" said the teacher," I don't really have work for you guys so you all have free time. Do whatever you want." Mm. My lucky day, no P.E. and no work, well for science anyway. I pulled out my IPod, putting in my earphones and started to play Blink-182 then I felt a tap on my shoulder. I pulled out my earphone and saw Kellin. 

"I also like Blink-182. My favorite band." We both smiled and started talking about the band and our favorite songs until the bell rang. Tony and I have all the same classes so we went to social studies. Social studies goes pretty fast. Plus we both sit next to each other so we talk the whole time.

"So Vic, what did you two talk about?"

"Blink-182 songs." I smiled.

"Oh okay!" He laughed a bit.

"Oh Tony! Did we have work for Math and English?" 

"We didn't actually." After that we continued talking about music class. We loved it there. The room had a couch, music library, instrument lockers, tons of drums, the room itself was huge and it was just paradise. Tony and I packed up before the bell so we can quickly get to music class. The bell rang and both of ram out the door to music, once we got in we saw Kellin sitting in a seat and looking at us. 

"Oh Vic, honey!"

"Yes, Ms. Anderson?" 

"Kellin here is new to the whole band scene so I want you to-" we were interrupted by Tony playing his guitar. He was amazing at guitar. He saw us looking at him and stopped. "Well I would like you to show him around the band room and practice some songs with him while the rest of the class and I will be outside practice for the upcoming football game songs." 

"Of course Ms. Anderson." She smiled at me.

"You're a life saver! Oh and Tony can stay here with you as well."

"WOO!" We all turned to Tony and started laughing, even Kellin was laughing. 

"Alright well you boys have fun and if you need extra days go ahead and tell me."

"Alright. Thank you."

"You're very welcome! Now have fun!" She turned around and walked out of the room, taking the other students to the field. I turned around to see Kellin walking towards me.

"Alright Vic, I'm ready for the tour." He's so cute. Oh my god. I turned to find Tony but he wasn't in the room, shit. That bastard. 

"Okay. Follow me." First place he definitely needs to see is the music library. "Alright, so this is the music library. If we usually need to make a print if a sheet of music, we come here. We have tons of music. Mostly classical but we have rock music, jazz, even music from movies." 

"Don't you need to ask permission before coming in here?"

"Not really. Ms. Anderson doesn't mind at all. She's chill." Did he just giggle? Oh lord. If I was a girl, my ovaries would've exploded. Next place he needs to know is the lockers. "So these are the lockers. If you need to store your instrument you can ask either Ms. Anderson for a locker or me."

"I see you're the big boss around here."

"Not really, people just started to ask me for things and its stuck ever since." I shrugged then showed him the band room couch. "Ms. Anderson lets people come in here at lunch to hang out. I usually nap here in my free time. If you forgot your instrument, you can sit here also."

"Wow, she really is chill."

"Definitely, she's one of my favorite teachers. Okay, so do you know how to play any instruments?"

"I know how to play piano."

"Great! Well we just got a new keyboard awhile ago. Lucky you." Oh lord, his giggle. 

"How about you, Vic."

"Wait what?"

"What do you play, silly?" I felt a soft little punch of my shoulder and heard him laugh.

"I play guitar."

"You must teach me someday."

"I shall someday." We both laughed then sat down. "You pretty much learned the whole band room."

"Can we do this tomorrow too? I really enjoyed it."

"Sure we can. I'll ask her tomorro-" I was cut off by the sound of the door slamming open. Mike, oh god.

"What the fuck are you doing to Kellin, Vic? You little faggot." He grabbed Kellin's wrist and pulled him near him. 

"I didn't do anything, Mike. I swear."

"Well whatever. You missed two beatings. Craig is pissed."

"I know.."

"Let's get this over with."

"Wait what.."

"Craig! Come in here!" Oh fuck no. I saw Kellin in the corner of my eye, he looked a bit scared. It looks like Mike kept a tight grip on his wrist, I wouldn't be surprised if he didn't do anything. Within seconds I felt instant pain on my jaw. I looked to see Craig with a bit of blood on his knuckles. Fuck, am I bleeding?! He grabbed onto the collar of my shirt and pinned me to a wall. 

"You think you can miss two beatings, Vic?! Well you're wrong!" His knee collided into my stomach, making me gasp for air and cough a bit. My legs gave out from under me, making me fall to the floor in pain. "Faggot! That's what you get!" I felt a sharp pain in my ribs, making me lay down face first on the floor. I looked up to see everyone gone, I slowly tried to get up but I failed. I tried again and finally got up onto my legs. Fuck Thursdays...I got my backpack and walked out of the room. I decided to skip my other classes and just go home so I sent a text to Tony:

To: Tony

Hey, I'll be gone for the rest of the day. I got beat up pretty badly and I can't go to other classes looking like this. I might skip tomorrow too.

I hit send and managed to gather up all my strength and walk back home. The pain was unbearable by the time I reached my front door so I quickly went into my room and laid down on my bed. I felt my phone vibrate, I pulled it out to see a text:

From: Unknown 

Hey, I got your number from Tony. I just wanted to make sure you were okay. It's Kellin by the way.

Kellin? Why would he care about me? Strange little boy. Well at least he's different from my brothers other friends so I added him as a contact. I texted him back:

To: Kellin

I'm okay, thanks for asking. I don't think we'll be able to do another session tomorrow. I'm skipping school :/ 

I sent him the text and decided to change into some more comfortable. I slowly pulled off my skinny jeans and put on some sweats. I didn't really need to change my shirt, it's really comfortable. My phone vibrated again and slowly a conversation began.

K: Aww that sucks :( I was really looking forward to it.

V: I'm sorry, I just can't go to school looking like this :(

K: I have an idea! 

V: What's the idea?

K: I'll skip school and come over to your place tomorrow! :D

V: I don't think Mike would like that...

K: Too bad. I'm still coming over.

V: You don't even know my address.

K: I'll just ask your brother for it.

V: He'll ask you why.

K: I'll just say I'm gong to beat you up, if you don't mind.

V: Eh, I don't mind.

K: Alright, well see you tomorrow ;D

V: See ya o.o 

Why does he want to come over so badly? I'm not that important. Well whatever. I put my phone on charge then got under my bed sheets. I don't want to do anything anymore today. So much pain, I just need to sleep. I closed my eyes and slowly drifted into deep sleep.

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