Ropes and Knives for Lyf!

When Alex attempts suicide, it doesn't just affect her, but it affects everyone around her.
How and why is an important facet.


3. Chapter 3

Liv's POV

I roll over in my bed as my alarm starts to beep. It's my first day back at school today since the incident with Alex. Two weeks later, Alex is still in the same condition, her burn is still the same and her cuts are slowly healing.

I slowly shuffle off into the bathroom and tie my messy hair up into a bun before I put on a pair of Alex's jeans and my 'Bring Me The Horizon' shirt. I grab my bag and I head out the door without saying any goodbyes. I don't know if I can do this, but I can only try.

I pull out my earphones and phone and Listen to 'Pierce the Veil' as I trod down the lonely road. I feel so empty. I don't know if Alex with survive. A tear brushes my cheek as I think about her and all the good times we have had. 

It's always just been me, Alex and Jesse. But Alex and Jesse always used to make out and be a cute couple. 

I walk through the rustic school gates and head towards my locker. I open it up and I see all the photos of Alex, Jesse and I. 

I feel two strong hands wrap tightly around my body. I spin around and see Jesse's standing in front of me.

I impulsively hug him as I cry even more  than ever before. 

"Jesse, why are you wearing a jumper in the middle of summer?", I question. 

"I don't want people to see", he mumbles.

I look into his blue eyes and without losing connection, I pull up his sleeves and run my fingers along his wrists.

"Jesse!", I say as more tears form in my eyes. 

"I miss her!", he says as he cries with me too.

"She will be alright!",

"I really hope so!"




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