Ropes and Knives for Lyf!

When Alex attempts suicide, it doesn't just affect her, but it affects everyone around her.
How and why is an important facet.


2. Chapter 2

Liv's POV

"Hello?", I answer my phone as my phone pops up with Alex's contact. "What's wrong Al? Why are you crying?", I ask as I hear a muffle sobs from the other end of the phone.

"It's Mrs Dine, not A...", she cries  louder, "Olivia, c-c-can you please come to St Joseph's hospital? Alex is in the ICU", she manages to say through tears.

Tears instantly rush down my face as Alex's mother's words stab me like a knife.

"MUM?", I yell as I rush down the stairs.

"What's happened baby?", she asks as she hold my head in between her hands.

"Can you please drive me to the hospital?", I plead.

"Sure! I'll get my keys! Are you feeling alright?"

"Yeah! Alex is in the ICU", I say as my stomach churns.

We arrive at the hospital and go up to the 6th floor- 'The Intensive Care Unit'. I see Alex's mum from across the room and she is crying.

"What happened?", I hear my mother ask Mrs Dine.

"Alex tried to commit suicide", Mrs Dine answers in a deathly tone.

"Can we see her?", I ask as my voice trembles.

"Yes! She's in room 202", she says as mum and I walk towards Alex's room.

I see Alex laying in her bed, her wrists are bandaged up and her face is pale and lifeless. I notice a burn around her neck line.

"Mum!", I cry. She pulls my into a hug.

The room feels so cold and empty. We see a nurse appear.

"Will Alex survive?", I ask as my voice shakes.

"At this moment in time, there are no improvements", the nurse answers back solemnly.

I walk over towards Alex, "I love you Alex!", I whisper in her ear before I gently kiss her cheek.

Mum and I exit the room as a wave of emptiness hits me.


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