Loving the devil

Skyler is 18 and hasnt really seen everything in her life but her own family problems.
One day she meets a man who is 22 , a supernatural devil and changes her life in a blink.
Will she accept his nature or will she leave him and forget there ever was a thing between them...


8. High school and mystry guy


 The morning daylight woke Skyler up, skyler looked at the alarm clock,

 It was 6:00 

Ugh, I woke up early again, thought skyler. After 15 minutes Skyler jumped off of bed and went to the bathroom, and took a quick shower. After taking a shower skyler wore skinny black pants and a beige tee shirt.

Going downstairs after blow drying her hair Skyler ate a bowl of her favorite cereal and walked her way to Rose's house.

Skyler found Rose outside her house,

"Morning!" said Skyler, skyler had never been a morning person.

"Morning! So you ready?" Skyler gave Rose a nod.

"Come on then, we will take your car today" said Rose and led the way.

In her own car and driving after a long time, skyler had missed her red Chevy Camaro.

"Umm...we have to stop by for my breakfast... At the donut place." said Rose.

"Sure." said Skyler and drove to the Krispy Creame.

"Do you want anything?" asked Rose as they reached the place and skyler parked the car.

"No thank you." said Skyler and watched Rose leave. After 2 minutes skyler's phone pinged and she checked who the text was from. 



They have brownies!! *=* rose xoxo



Smiling Skyler locked the car and walked to the shop while reading her tweets.


Skyler bumped into someone and her cell phone fell to the ground.

Bending over to pick it up,

"Im really sorry I wasn't looking...." Skyler trailed off when the guy infront of her bent over to pick her phone and she got a glimpse of his eyes, she was lost in a trance instantly.

Such beautifull eyes the colour of diamonds...

"Its okay..." Skyler was pulled out of her trance when she heard the sound of his voice. Deep and husky.

They both stood up and mystry guy just left without saying another word but Skyler was still in a trance.

"Sky! Where were you!" asked Rose, coming out of the cafe holding two coffee cups..

"I... Umm ...." Skyler couldn't find any words.

"Whatever we are going to be late if we don't head to school." said Rose, as she headed back to the car.

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