Loving the devil

Skyler is 18 and hasnt really seen everything in her life but her own family problems.
One day she meets a man who is 22 , a supernatural devil and changes her life in a blink.
Will she accept his nature or will she leave him and forget there ever was a thing between them...


9. First day

 On there way to high school Rose asked skyler, "so? Are you going to take cheerleading?"

 "not really... Not this time. I think you are more better at cheerleading then i am!" answered skyler. 

 "Really?!" asked rose looking at skyler when she gave rose a nod.

 "Thank you!!" said rose as they reached high school.

 "dawn high school, here we come!" said skyler reading the title one the high school.

 Entering the parking lot skyler parked her car on her favorite spot.

 "I still get to have my own spot!" said skyler happily. "come on!" skyler turned the car engine down and locked her chevy, as they started walking to the hallway skyler noticed alot of the students from last year.

 "hey! Skyl! Where were ya the whole summer? I missed you!" a huge, warm and familiar palm held her shoulder and turned her around. It was tyler freaking petrov!

 "Tyler?!" asked skyler, god, she had missed him.

 Tyler was one of skylers best friend and used to be her boyfriend and also sat with her at lunch time.

 "yea baby! Its me your savior and hero!!" said tyler, giving skyler a friendly but a breathless hug and a peck on the cheek.



 "God! I had missed you!" said tyler holding skylers hand and walking with her to the lockers.

 "ahem! Im still here!" said rose, ofcourse rose was in theri group as well and she sat with them at lunch too.

 "Oh! Rose! I nearly forgot about you! Come here gurl!!" said tyler,teasingly and gave rose the

kind of hugs rose hates.

 "Ugh, ty! Get off me you filthy dog!" said rose, jokingly but still a bit mad.

 "So where is jillian?" asked skyker, jillian was one of the other girl and their best friend who sat

with them and went out with them too. Jillian liked tyler while tyler had a secret crush on rose

 and when tyler found out alexander broke up with her they had a fight, tyler is just an year older then all of them, he is 19 while all the three of them are 18.

 "I bet shes in class already!" said tyler, jillian aleays took her studies seriously but from inside

she was a party


Going to the principle office rose and skyler took their schedule and went to the locker.

 "First period is history! What about yours?" asked rose, hoping they had the same periods.

 "OMG! Mine too!" said skyker and both of them went together to their class, jillian had history as well as tyler.  


Afte three classes they had lunch, 

 Sitting at the corner table where they always sat skyler and rose wait for tyler and jillian, after history tyler had english while rose had science and jillian had math and skyler had art, after that the third class rose and skyler had enlish while tyler and jillian had science.

 "Finally here they are."said rose pointing to the food court area where they both stood holding a tray.

 "Hey!" said tyler and sat down with skyker while jillian sat with rose.

 " what took you guys so long?!" rose really had no patience just like alexander.

 "we had to collect papers and then put them in the principle office..." said jillian. 

 "Its okay,so jillian! What have you been upto?!" asked skyler teasingly and pointed at tyler.

 "Sky!!!" gasped jillian.

 "oh my god! So still havent told ---" 

 "Sky!! Shut up!!" said jillian cutting skyler off on purpose.

 "Told what to who?" asked tyler narrowing his eyes at skyler and jillian.


 "nothing!" said both jillian and skyler at the same time.


 After three more classes skyler and rose gave their hugs and said their goodbyes to tyler and jillian and drove back home.

 After 15 minutes they reached home and skyler parked her car in their huge garage.

 "so? See you at dinner then?" asked rose as she got out of the car and skyler locked it.

 "sure!!" said skyler and they both said their good byes and wen their own ways.

 Rose's parents were always travelling so she didnt have any one at home usually because she was an only child and the only person who stayed with her was either her personal maid or skyler so

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