Adopted by .... One Direction ?!?!?!

Madelyne Summers is a 14 year old girl who is an orphan along with her 12 year old sister Mackenzie Summers. Their mom died of breast cancer and their died because of liver cancer. They've been in Wendy's wonderful kids orphange for 4 months now, but little did they know that they were going to be adopted by the 1d boys.......


32. Playlist Live

Madelyne's P.O.V 

*9 months later *


It's been a while since we've been adopted by One Direction and Little Mix. The boys have been on break ever since the Take Me Home tour ended. Now they're preparing for their next tour, Where We Are. (A/N: Who’s going? I'm not... they're not coming to Vancouver this year:(  ) The boys of 5 Seconds of Summer went back to Australia after the tour ended. Now they're having a tour in the UK. Little Mix just got back from touring with Demi, along with Cher and Fifth Harmony. Other than that, nothing much has been going on... 


You're wondering what Mackenzie and I been doing? Well, you see, when we got back from 1D's tour, Uncle Simon got us into the recording studio. At first he wanted us to go straight to recording an album. But we said that we didn't want to be famous because of the fame of Little Mix and One Direction. So we suggested recording covers and posting it on Youtube. So that what we did. We have another channel where we just talk to the fans. It's just a place we have fun. There, we do random videos like Q&As, challenges. We sometimes do vlogs and make videos that support charities. 

We're actually not in England right now. We're right now in Orlando, Florida getting ready to leave for to England. We were in Orlando for Playlist Live. They asked us to go, so we did. It was such an amazing experience! We met with the people who were supporting us. Our fans! That's one of the best things that happened during Playlist Live. Another is meeting youtubers Kenzie and I watch. We met with the British gang : Zoella (Zoe) and her brother Thatcherjoe (Joe). Tanya Burr and Jim Chapman. Sprinkle of Glitter (Louise), Marcus Bulter, Alfie DeyesJacksgap (Jack and Finn). We also met with American Youtubers, Joey Graceffa, Tyler Oakley, Grace HelbigMissglamorazzi (Ingrid), The Shaytards. And of course, not to forget our little Australian Troye Sivan. ( A/N: I love them all!! I really want to meet them! Does any one of you watch them. If you do, tell me and we'll fangirl about them together!) . 

 I'm currently doing a vlog : 

"So today is the last day of Playlist! I'm sooo sad! I'm gonna miss everyone. I'm right now in my hotel room with Mackenzie, Tan and Zoe right now." I said to my camera 

"Mackenzie right is taking a shower cause she decided not to wake up when I told her to..... Ingrid, Louise, and Jim I know are packing but I don't know about the boys … Sleeping maybe.... Tan, Zoe say hi !" 

"Hiii" " Hello" said the girls 

"So... What are we going to do today? " I asked 

"Well, I think we going to meet everyone at Ihop and then just walking around for a bit and then leave to for our flights." Tanya said  

"It's so sad that we're leaving today" Zoe said sadly"  

"Yeah...." I said 

"I wish it was longer" said Mackenzie who was coming out of the washroom 

"Look who decided to join us!" exclaimed Zoe 

" Well, the girls wanted to do my hair and makeup, they did Mackenzie's yesterday for main stage, So they are doing mine today!" 

"We are so excited!" said Tan 

"I'll talk to you guys later I said and turned off the camera 

"Let's get started!" shouted Zoe 


A/N: Hey guys! Sorry for not updating for so long. I couldn't think of any idea for this story. I have a lot of stuff going on in my life. Luckily I have 2 week of spring break so I was able to update something.  I really appreciate it when guys don’t tell me to constantly update. If you guys have any ideas email me : or just comment down below 

Talk to you all soon 


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