Adopted by .... One Direction ?!?!?!

Madelyne Summers is a 14 year old girl who is an orphan along with her 12 year old sister Mackenzie Summers. Their mom died of breast cancer and their died because of liver cancer. They've been in Wendy's wonderful kids orphange for 4 months now, but little did they know that they were going to be adopted by the 1d boys.......


27. I'm really sorry guys

Hey guys,

I'm sorry for not updating the last couple of weeks. I have been busy on my studies. I'm doing horrible so I needed to concentrate and catch up on school. I'm 14 nearly 15 ( on Dec 21 *nudge nudge wink wink* in Grade 10 (Year 11 for people from the U.K , I don't know about the other places) and starting this year everything goes on record and will affect in the future. I hope you all understand...

Push that aside.... Who watched 1D Day yesterday  ?!?!?! It was the best 7 almost 8 hour of my life !! I didn't need to adjust time because it started at 11am and ended at around 6:50 pm (because it was extended) in Vancouver, so I was all good.... If you did watch it , what time did it start and end for you ? 

My highlight was when Harry jumped on Paul and nearly him. That scared me but I was laughing so hard ! Did you see his face afterwards ? The boys and the band were like laughing! Newspaper headline : Paul Higgins saves Harry Styles. What was your highlight?


I'll be updating today I have some stuff saved but just need to finish up. So keep an eye out for that !

Ttyl !

Deanna xx <3

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