Adopted by .... One Direction ?!?!?!

Madelyne Summers is a 14 year old girl who is an orphan along with her 12 year old sister Mackenzie Summers. Their mom died of breast cancer and their died because of liver cancer. They've been in Wendy's wonderful kids orphange for 4 months now, but little did they know that they were going to be adopted by the 1d boys.......


30. I really need help....

It's Deanna again ...


I'm sincerely sorry for not updating. I don't have really many ideas for this story. I don't want the sorry to be a typical story. I haven't having the best time lately.

I just finished my Mid-Term exams ( they are exam you do in the middle of the year and it's about the things you learned from the beginning of the year to now. People who live in B.C. will know what I mean, not sure about the other places). I practically died. I only had 2 science and math. Science I got a decent mark, but math I bombed it along with the 3 other class that have the same teacher. I'm failing math :( 

Things are coming at me all at once and it's really hard for me to find any free time to do what I want anymore.


This is where you ALL come in ..... I'm thinking maybe having 1 or 2 co-authors or people that help me come up with ideas for stories or just this one in general. But I'm not sure yet..... 


If you have any suggestions or comments then comment down below or email me:


Talk to you all soon



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