so ive noticed that all the imagines have started to disapear if they are dirty or something and i dont like that so im gonna start do some :) read the first chapter to find out what to do :)


2. sarah (funny)

"SARAH!!!!!" you hear perrie scream from downstairs, shes finally home from her tour. you get up and rush down the stairs almost falling down them. you run up to her and jump on her. shes been one of you best friends for years and not having her around kills you. "PERRIE YOUR BACK!!!!" you screech in her ear as you get off of her.

"sarah i would like you to meet jade." perrie introduces you to a girl standing in your doorway. you didnt notice her before and are now completely embarressed for the screaming and attacking you did.

"hi jade im sarah" you offer her your hand, which she gladly accepts an pulls you into a hug.

"dont be shy i wont bite" she laughs and lets you go.

"how about we go out to lunch im starving" perrie offers, you gladly accept and go grab your jacket and purse.

*skip to lunch*

"perrie im so happy your back, it was hard not having you around" you say to perrie

"it was hard not having you around either babes i missed your craziness. so any boy news" she gives you a wink trying to make you blush and of course it works.

"well i like this guy named luke..." you let out a small giggle and start smiling like craz.

"ohh tell us" perrie starts

"everything!!!!" and jade finishes

you open your mouth to start talking but the food showed up saving you from all tthe questions they were about to ask you. to bad the food didnt stop them from asking.

"whats his full name?"

"luke james road"



"is he in the year above you?"

"yes" you took a break and took a drink of your soda. when perrie asked

"how long will you wait till you sleep with him?" the soda you just started to drink shoots out of your nose as you start to cough and laugh. boh jade and perrie start laughing at you. jade was laughing so hard she fell off of the seat and now your all laughing.

once you have all calmed down you look at perrie and ask "why would you ask me that? you know im only fifteen!" she starts giggling

"i only asked to see what you would say and it was totally worth it." she cant hold in her laughter anymore and lets it all out.

"ladies you need to quiet down over here." the manager comes over and scolds you.

this will be an interesting story to tell your friends tomorrow.



so this was my first imagine and it might not be very good :/ but im working on geetting better and any advise is helpful so please comment letting me know what you thought and also commeet if you want one :) thanks for reading

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