The Slice Of A Giant: The Story of Paul Bunyan

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  • Published: 19 Aug 2013
  • Updated: 19 Aug 2013
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This was a play I wrote during my time in drama class.


3. Paul Makes A Friend

Narrator: So as you can see life wasn’t easy for Paul. Despite having great height and amazing strength he still wasn’t respected by many as he for one took jobs away from lumberjacks as he could do the work. His life was constantly threatened and being the loveable but stern giant he didn’t want to cause any trouble. He lacked friends. He needed a companion but no one would come forward. Many of times Paul’s appearance alone would scare others off but times were changing. After some time Paul finally was able to be a true lumberjack as he made a custom axe just right for him. With that settled it looks like it’s time Paul got a friend.

*Paul sitting down next to a river looking at and talking to himself.*

Paul: If I could find one friend I am sure I could keep it. *All of a sudden he heard a loud ox like cry which was ringing in his ears.*

*Paul follows the sound and within record time he finds the source. *

Paul: Hunters. They have made a giant net and they are trying to kill that giant Ox.

Hunter 1: We are going to have our self some good grub tonight boys. This should fill us for a long time.

*Paul moves forward and grabs the net from the ox and tangles the hunters. He then throws them far away.”

Paul: You ok girl?

*The ox just nods and gets close to Paul.*

Paul: You’re a giant just like me. Maybe I and you could be friends. *He smiles* I will call you Babe. You like that name?

*Babe agrees with good ole lick to Paul.*

Narrator: Paul and Babe become the best of friends. Paul loved Babe like a family member. Paul would take care of all of babe's needs including making a watering hole for her which in return formed what you call the Great Lakes. Babe was constantly helping Paul with his work which only furthered angered Rory Collins and his dad Bill. Plans have been discussed to rid themselves of their competition.

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