Niall's Girl

Two best friends get to go see One Direction.........


15. twinies


ANNE: her  name is sarah

harry: WHAT!!!!!

ANNE: whats wrong

harry: theres a girl named sarah in there

anne: let me see

we walk in i point to sarah she looks at me confused 

anne: thats her thats ur twin!!!!!!!!!

harry: so sarah is my sister 

anne: my daughter i finally found you

sarah: what but huh ur not my mom

harry: mum sarah has memery loss

anne: oh my poor daughter 

sarah:your not my mum ok just leave me alone

sarah walks out trips on the tv cord. she starts to get her meary agian  

sarah: harry niall louis liam zayn oh my god i remeber you guys the only thing idont remeber is you being my mum

anne: well um sarah you were adopted they took you away from me 

sarah: so ur my real mum 

anne: yep ur my daughter 

sarah: oh my gosh mommy 

anne laughs so does everyone else  i walk over to sarah there is silence 

me: so sarah ur my sister 

sarah:  havent we aready been over this 

me: lets have a walk to get to know each other 

sarah: sure um let me get changed 

then we went outside and toke a walk 

me: so sarah whats your favrite color 

sarah: uh purple whats yours 

harry: ummm  blue whats your favrite aniamal 

sarah: oh i love a kittys

harry: me too ok. uh whats ur favrite food 

sarah: pizza whats urs

harry: tacos

sarah: cool we better get home

harry: yeah

we walk home.febe comes and hugs me sarah runs to niall and kisses him then she sat on his lap. but before we went to sleep louis got up and asked ereni to be his girlfriend she screamed yes and got up and kissed so hard that he couldnt breath. ereni couldnt stop blabbing about so   we all went to sleep.

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