A walk through time

A collection of my work


3. Follow example....

Im not good enough to share ,
In the dark you keep me hidden ,
Without words , you sneek me glances,
As though I were forbidden,
You talk about your passions,
In mail that you send,
But when I yearn for closure
You shut me out again,
Kindred spirts that touch ,
Defining distance and time,
I can’t tell you how it hurts,
I thought for so long, you were mine,
Foolish, childish thoughts,
You are right I should know better,
But the way that you treat me ,
can not be fixed with just one letter ,
I respect your boundires,
I understand ,
But I stand my ground ,
Do you not see what you arent saying ,
Is coming across way to loud?
So I just wanted to let you know,
Ill gladly stay in my place,
And if the thought of you comes to call ,
Ill follow example ,
and erase .

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