Forever And Always (Sequel)

(Sequel To Friends With Benefits) Holly Winters and Harry Styles are finally together like they've always wanted. But what if Holly gets a new job that will distant the new couple? Will they face it together? Or will they face it alone?


14. The Commitment

*Ashton’s POV*

Harry and I talked mostly about our future gigs around Europe but I couldn’t think properly with Holly inside the closet. I was sure she was crying from all the things Harry said.

“Well, I have to go.” Harry says, standing up. I was relieved when he stood up.

“Sure, man. You’re exhausted.” I answer. When we reach the door, the song “Lucky” started playing and I started panicking.

“Isn’t that-” Harry starts but I cut him off.

“What was what?” I ask. “Well, I’m tired. Bye!” I say, slamming the door and ran to the ringing phone. But when I reached the phone, it stopped ringing. I didn’t know who owns the phone but when I saw the wallpaper, I knew it was Holly’s.

It was a picture of her and Harry at a party. He was holding her waist and they looked like a really cute couple. Suddenly. I remember that she was inside the closet so I ran toward it and opened the door. She was lying down, clutching on to her pillow with tears everywhere. She looked hurt, very hurt that I felt the pain too. Carefully, I lift her up, trying not to wake her up and placed her in my bed and just stared at her while she was asleep.

I noticed that I was sleepy too, so I grab a pillow and walked toward the sofa and fell asleep as well.

*Holly’s POV*



And camera flashes.

That was waking me up from my sleep so I slowly open my eyes to see the 3 members of 5 seconds of summer watching me. Panic rose inside me and I screamed really loud and I started punching Luke.

“Woah, love. Don’t worry we’re not going to upload everything.” He jokes.

“ASHTOOOON!” I shout. He emerges from the living room, wearing nothing but boxers and I notice that the others boys were too. “Wear something!” I shout at all of them and they follow instantly grabbing shirts from the floor. When they were done, I sighed and started laughing.

“What’s so funny?” Calum asks.

“You guys. You guys are so adorable.” I was still laughing and Ashton sighs with relief.

“You’re finally laughing again.” He comments.

I stop instantly and blushed. “Ohhh… You made her blush Ash!” Michael says.

“I’m not blushing!” I fight back. I stand up and looked for my phone right away and I noticed that Niall left me couple of messages and voice mails. When I finished listening to his voice mails, I started freaking out and grabbed a towel. This was seriously urgent.

“Why in such hurry?” Luke asks, grinning at me.

“It’s an emergency!” I say, running over to the bathroom, stripping all my clothes. I turn the shower on, placed some shampoo, soaped my body and jumped outside, wrapping my body with my towel. I settled on a pair of shorts, a polka dotted off shoulder shirt and flats with knee high socks. When I emerge from the bathroom, the boys whistled but I ignore them. “If someone’s looking for me, tell them I’m gone!” I say, leaving the room with my phone and wallet.

I enter the elevator and looked for Niall’s room and when I found it, I started knocking and Niall opens the door. “Shh… Keep it down.” He whispers. I was about to ask why but when I see Kiera sleeping, I knew the reason.

“Sorry.” I apologize. “Shall we go?” I ask. Niall nods his head and we leave the room quietly and I noticed what he was wearing. A white shirt, jeans and a snapback. He looked so adorable that I pinch his cheeks. “So, why now?” I ask.

He shakes his head. “I don’t know. I think this is the right time. After the things that have happened, I think this is the right time. And she loves me too, right?”

I nod. “Of course.”

He sighs. “Well, I know this perfect shop so that’s where we’re going.” I gave him a nod and was greeted by Paul when we reach the lobby. There were at least a dozen more bodyguards that came with us when we enter the van. We remain silent all throughout the ride and stopped after a few minutes. No one was following us because Niall wanted it to be top secret so when we exit the van, he hides his face and we ask the clerk to close down the shop.

“That was close.” He says. I nod with agreement and we started roaming around the store. “What about that?” Niall asks pointing at it.

I shake my head. “No.”

“That?” he asks, pointing at a long pointy one.

“HELL. NO.” I answer. “You suck at this.” I joke.

Niall raises his hands in defeat. “I’m sorry, o, wise one.” Niall says with a smile.

“What about that one?” I ask, pointing at the far most corner. It was standing out because it was so pretty and Niall gasps.

“It’s perfect.”

"If it were you, where would you want it to be?" Niall asks as we roam around London looking for the perfect spot. Thank God for Paul and his awesome crew, for the first time, there was no fans chasing us. We mange to stay low profile and we were able to roam around freely. We stayed inside the shop for hours because Niall was debating with the clerk the whole time. It was about sun set and London looked really beautiful.

"I don't know, anywhere with the person I love is fine." I tell him the truth. Suddenly, Niall jumps with joy and kissed my cheek.

"That's perfect, Holly!" he says hugging me and giving me pecks on the cheek. He pulls out a piece of paper from his pocket and scribbled down something. When he was done, he hands me the paper. "Give that to Kiera now." he says. I stare at him in confusion and he sighs. "I'll explain everything later. C'mon Paul!" he shouts running toward the bay. I stare into space before I started walking back to the hotel. This was so great of Niall Horan abondoning me in a city a barely now,

*Kiera's POV*

I woke up about afteroon when the sun was almost down and to my surprise, my head didn't hurt at all. That was weird. I went straight to she shower and started cleaning myself as much as possible. I didn't like what I smelled like. When I was done, I settled with a plain pullover and shorts. I roam around the room and I notice a guitar in the corner and I knew instantly who's room this was. It was Niall's.

I don't really remembered what happened last night. The only thing I remember was dancing with Luke and that was it. How did I end up in Niall's room? I take the guitar from it's stand and started playing the song Niall started teaching me. It was called "Viva La Vida" and he said that it was his favourite song. About halfway throughout the song, someone started knocking on the door. When I open it, it was Holly and she looked really tired.

"Holly? What are you-" I start but she cuts me off pulling me outside then to the elevator.

"No time to explain." she breathes heavily. "Here." she hands me a piece of paper and I look at her, looking for answers "You have to go there and please promise me you won't go anywhere but there." she says.

"Holly, what is happening?" I ask. We step outside and we stop in the middle of the lobby. She places both hands on my shoulder and looked straight in my eyes.

"KIERA HOLT. LISTEN TO ME I SWEAR I WILL KILL YOU IN YOUR SLEEP IF YOU DON'T GO NOW. GO!" she screams and I just ran toward the exit with fright. I didn't really want to go anywhere because I was wearing just my pullover and shorts. I didn't really look presentable but I didn't want to go back in to feel her wrath. Holly was really scary when she was mad. I hail a cab and gave him the piece of paper and in fifteen minutes, we stop in a bay and I pay him , looking around for anyone I knew. Suddenly, a guy approaches me.

"Are you Kiera Holt?" he asks.

I blush. "Yes."

"This way, mam." he says politely, guiding me to a yacht. I didn't know why I was following him but it felt right. When I was inside, I turned around to ask him a question but he was no where in sight and the yach started moving. Holy shit. Was someone going to kidnap me? NO NO NO NO. I can't die now. I'm only a teenager and I wanted to do a lot of things when I grow up. I ran toward the railing and was about to jump when someone grabs me from behind and I started shouting. "HELP! HELP!"

"Stop Kiera." he says. It was a familiar accent and when I turn around, it was Niall.

Wearing a tuxedo.

"Niall, you scared me. Holy shit, why are you kidnapping me? Get me out of here!" I couldn't stop talking and Niall just suddenly brought his finger to my mouth and gave me a passionate kiss.

"That would make you shut up." he says, smirking. I continue to stay silent and Niall sighs and started talking. "Kiera." he says sternly. "I didn't cheat on you and I never will. I love you and only you."

"I know Niall. But I-" he cuts me off with a kiss again and I pout like a little girl.

"I'm not finish talking." he says. "I don't know why you believe in those shit but they aren't true. To be honest, I didn't understand you. I ddn't know if you were a romantic type or something. I was confused because I didn't know how to pleasure you but I learned that love is love. And I don't care if I do the wrong thing because I love you."

I was speechless. But I knew I had to talk too. "Niall, I'm sorry." I started crying. "I'm sorry for being such a bitch. I never knew I was that special to you. I was also scared that you'll just leave me. I was scared that you'll get bored of me and-" I wasn't even able to continue my sentence because I couldn't stop crying. No guy ever felt like this for me. Ever. I just feel so complete when I'm around Niall. Niall wraps his arms around me and kissed my forehead.

"Ssshh.. I know, babe. I understand. But there's this last thing I want to do." he says, pulling away. I felt cold but I let Niall do whatever he had to do.

He sighs first. Like he was nervous. He was sweating a bit and he was shaking. "Kiera Anne Holt." he starts. He reach out something from his pocket and brought out a small box.

Wait. Don't tell me... Is this what I think it is?

Then Niall just kneeled on one knee, taking hold of my right hand, inserting a beautiful ring on my Annularis finger.

In short, my ring finger.

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