Just Life

Grace Jean has always wondered what else life has to offer. Is school, complicated friends and pushy parents it? Is that what her life is going to be all about?

(Sorry I'm really bad at descriptions...)


2. Just school.

"I-I-I know you're still the one."


 Ah, nothing like a little bit of One Direction to soothe the mind just before heading into the crazy, chaotic routine of school.

Before I could even unlock my locker, my best friend, Kiera, literally jumps on me.

"WOAH LADY! I mean, I get how you love me but seriously, CALM DOWN LADY! CALM DOWN!" I laugh and say at the same time.


 "Sorry!" she replies, also laughing. "C'mon! we needa go study! Otherwise I'm gonna fail today's science test!"


"Huh. YOU fail a test! That'd be the day." I scoff.


She gives me a dirty look and continues pestering me.


"OKAY! OKAY! I'M READY!" I say a few minutes later (when I am officially sick of her pestering). She smiles triumphantly and closes and locks my locker for me.


"Race you to the library!" I yell as I bolt towards the famous study-centre also known as the library.




"HAH! BEAT YOU!" I whisper-yell happily.


"It's not fair! You got a head start!" she states annoyed.


I just simply poked my tongue at her.


"GOOD JOB KIERA! YOU GOT INTO ANNALAY GRAMMAR!" One of Kiera's friends from her church says.


Wait what?! This is news to my ears...


"Uhm thanks.. How did you know?" she questions uneasily.


"Your mum called my mum the other day."


"Oh, I only found out this morning! They didn't even tell me!" she says as she continues to walk to our usual study table.


"So you got in and you didn’t tell me.. Why?" I questioned feeling a little hurt.


"No body was meant to know, but my entire art class found out because Ellie asked me and then the guys around us heard and they broadcasted it to the whole class - and Adriana already knew." she explained with a sigh.


Okay. Now that really hurt. Not only did Adriana know before me but ELLIE DID TOO? WHAT?!


Not to be full of myself or anything but me and Kiera are kinda closer than her and Adriana… I know I sound like a b***h but well….


And I kinda thought that I would be the one who she would tell first…. But it turns out I'm one of the last.


I guess I should really explain…


Annalay Grammar is one of those 'elite schools' where you have to sit an entrance exam and your score has to be the like top 1% or something out of the whole state.

Kiera here, is one of those smart people that are just geniuses. She could easily get an A on any test if she didn't study. But she always struggles for her parent's approval and self doubt…


Adriana, is just difficult to explain. She (I don’t think) never liked me in the first place. We were kinda just thrown together because of Genevieve and Kiera. One day she's nice to me and the next she's just… sour..?

And lately, she's been taking Genevieve away from me and Kiera, which pisses me and Kiera off so much. But more on that later.


"Wow. I'm one of the last to know… How nice.." I state, turning my attention to my science book - attempting to hide the tears threatening to spill out of my eyes.


"You are not one of the last to know! Genevieve, Annalise, Sharon and Natalie don't know yet." she sighs.


"Whatever." I said, still hurt.


"Grace…." She starts.


"Just don't okay? We got a science test to study for!"


She just sighs and we start our study.


WHOOO! I finally wrote up the next chapter!

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