Can I trust you ?

Sofia is in a great relationship with Niall while her cousin and best friend are dating Louis and Zayn. Will the girls find out the boys secrets , will their relationships fall apart or will Sofia try saving them


12. Falling on love

    Liam's POV

i really feel bad for Rachel, it's her first breakup I bet it's how I felt when Danielle broke up with me. In gonna try extra hard to comfort her. Later that night the other boys are in the basement playing video games so I decide to find Rachel I find her in the living room sitting on the couch. I go sit next to her, she looks at me and starts to cry so I give her a hug this must be really hard for her she's still thinking about what happened. Rachel wraps her arms around me. There's something about Rachel that I can't explain something special it may be her eyes or her smile I don't know but there is something. We continue to watch tv with her still in my arms there's a blanket next to me so I wrap it around Rachel. Sofia and Niall sit on the other couch and Niall starts to cuddle with Sofia and we stay like that all night. Me and Rachel begin to date and I told Rachel that I'll never do what Louis did. 

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