i love u

louis meets a girl named bell he falls I love with her she dosent know it


2. life on the rode

Me and one direction went all over world the only bad part about living on the rode all the time evry time we hit a bump I fell off my bunk bed but at least I get to spend time Louis that's all that matters I had the greatest week I walked into the kichen to get some food and there was some chines food in the fridge  so I grabed the food and  ate it and then my water broke and the boys weren't here so I drove my self to the hosptail and called Louis he came to the hospatial and watched me give birth it was a babey girl he was so happy we named her Jackie we whent home and I was taking care of the babey for an hour cause Louis and the boys had to work on there song when Louis comes back he's going to take care of her so I can sleep I put the babey down for a nap so I could have some me time I had such a crazy day but I feel great so I'm just going to call Louis he came home 5 minuts later I went to sleep I woke up in the morning and Louis was passed out on the floor so I woke him up and started to scream the word hamburger I calmed him down and we went to the living room and he kissed me and we watched tv for a little bit then the boys woke up and we all went to nandos niall was so excited for nandos that he started chanting nandos nandos over and over again it was so funny we got there an niall ran in he was freaking out we sat down and we ordered this day was turning out good for me I was happy but laim was having a bad day he had to bye a one thousand doller neckless for his girl friend I feel so bad for him we left nandos  the babey was crying so I feed her and put her down for her nap me and Louis went shoping cause Louis wanted to after that we went to the carnival then we went home and we picked up the baby from the babey sitters and we put Jackie to sleep for the night and me and Louis watched tv till mindnight then went to bed it was the longest night of my life but I made it through I fed Jackie and broght her to the babey sitters and went home so me and Louis could go to the movies to get tickets an hour later we picked up the babey and went home Jackie was sleeping so I put her in her crib and I fell asleep on the couch Louis carried me to bed and he went to sleep I woke up and went to the kichen and got some food to eat Louis and the boys were still asleep I watched some tv and woke Louis up and went to the mall and bought a bracelet and went to the pool and swam with Louis and then went home then watched 1D in there concert then we went home I passed out in the car Louis carred me in side and layed me down in our bed the babey was sleeping for a wile Louis fell asleep next to me the rest of one direction were watching tv in the living room I woke up and the boys were running around yelling were is it I asked what was going on the said they lossed there socks an then I found them they were in a closet then the all sat down and dident move for a wile long day for me louises p.o.v. I love bella so much but I always have to be working on songs so I don't get to spend much time with her some times I wish that we had a song day like evry wensday we can work on songs that day then be done for the rest of the week but at least I have this carrer so i'm happy I me and bella spent the whole after noon together we had the greatesed time we just hung out together and talked with no interruptions then went to bed I had a good time.

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