More That Meets the Eye

I, Alexia Strong, live with my four brothers who are all normal, but me. I have a secret and only Louis Tomlinson knows. After Louis became famous I thought he'd forgotten about my secret, but nows he's back with his band looking of me. He found me and now he wont's something from me. If I don't do it he'll tell everyone about me, and how I'm a freak, and everyone will listen.


8. Day 2

Lexie's P.O.V

 I woke up at like four a.m. The dream I had I couldn't really remember it but I know it had to do will something about my family. After that I couldn't fall back to sleep. Why did Zayn want to know all those thing. Keep running though my mind. Lou woke up when the sun picked though the window. He slowly got up, I was still on my right side hoping he'd think I was asleep.

"Lex! Get up!" He yelled in my ear. I turned onto my back lighting fast sending Louis across the room.

"I was up since four!" I yelled sitting up.

"You could of woke me up and we could of had some fun." He said with a smile. He walked to the door and left but he left the door open.

"Ugh!" I said moving my right wrist. Harry was up too and he walked by, of course!

"Hey Lexie." He said  lending up on the door frame. I fell backward then sat back up.

"Hi." I said moving my cuffed wrist.

"Do you want that off?" He asked walking in and sitting on the bed about a foot way form me.

"Please." I said.

"Harry, Out!" Came Louis voice form the door.

"I just wonted to get this off. You don't need to cuff me." I said as Harry left.

"Here put these on. We're going out." He said handing me some cloths.

"Can you," I said shaking my wrist. He uncuffed me and I pointed to the door.

"What?" He said.

"Go. I want to change in private." I said pushing him out. I slipped out of the jumpsuit and put on some baby blue short shorts with a superman shirt. I opened the door and looked down.

"Here." Louis said giving me an old beenie of his. I smiled to myself. I put it on and looked up at him and the others behind him. I remember you had this on when we had our first kiss. I thought.

"Shit." I said softly.

"When did you?!" Harry said almost yelling. Louis looked at me.

"I just remember the memory in this." I said.

"I cant believe you remember that." He said.

"How could I forget that was the day you said you would come back but you didn't." I said then looked down. I could hear the pain in my voice.

"Guys can you go." Louis said. Tears fell down my cheeks and hit the cold wood floor. "I'm sorry I didn't come back-" He started but I cut him off.

"Louis, after you left things went bad and ever day you where gone I prayed you'd come back, but you didn't. You weren't there when I needed you the most. That was the year this happened to me!" I yelled pointing to my eyes that where turning red. He pulled me into a hug and stocked my hair and said 

"But I'm here now, I'm here now." I couldn't stop crying. Louis was my best friend and he left. Then he just comes back and takes me away, because I have a gift no one else has.

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