More That Meets the Eye

I, Alexia Strong, live with my four brothers who are all normal, but me. I have a secret and only Louis Tomlinson knows. After Louis became famous I thought he'd forgotten about my secret, but nows he's back with his band looking of me. He found me and now he wont's something from me. If I don't do it he'll tell everyone about me, and how I'm a freak, and everyone will listen.


3. Day 1

Alexia's P.O.V

 I woke up in a van. I popped up to see four faces looking at me.

"What did you do to me?" I asked looking at the one face who would answer me.

"We drugged you and put that on you so every time you use your 'gift' it'll hurt you." He said pointing the necklace I was wearing. "It wont come off unless I make it." He said. The necklae was tight around my neck and had a lighting bolt.

"Funny." I said sitting up. My long blonde hair was pulled back unlike this morning when it was down. A had a leather black jumpsuit on with black bouts that where up to my knees. My outfit this morning was a purple tang-top and a hoodie with some super skinny jeans. "Really, is this necessary?" I asked. They all nodded. I rolled my eyes. Okay lets see if I can- "Ouch." A powerful shock hit my neck.

"Did you try to use your powers?" Harry asked. I rolled my eyes again.

"Where are we?" I asked not expecting them to answer.

"Somewhere private." Niall said. He looked like he wonted to punch me.

"Go a head hit me." I said looking right in Niall's eyes.

"Can I?"He asked.

"Don't make her black out. Okay." Louis said. Niall nodded and right-hooked me. I fell backward.

"Ouch. Thank hurt. Badly. What's your power." I said sitting back up.

"What do you think." He said. The van stopped.

"We're here boys." Louis said opening the door. Niall pulled me out and though me to the ground.

"Take a look, Trix." Louis said. I got up and looked at where we where. "The school." I said softly. "There's no why I'm going in there." I said back up. I ran into something or someone. He grabbed my upper arms and picked me up. "Stop! Please! I don't wont to go back!" I yelled.

"Well that sucks. Cause you're going back." Liam said. He was the one carrying me.

"Louis please don't make me go back. I'll do whatever you wont." I said hoping he would tell Liam to stop. He stopped making everyone else stop.

"Really? Anything?" He asked.

"Yes, Just don't make me go back there." I said.

"Liam let her go." Liam dropped me making me hit the ground.

"Can you take this off?" I asked picking up the necklace. He shock his head. I looked down at the desert ground.

"Look at me, Baby." My head shot up.

"What did you call me?" I said feeling my eyes turn red again.

"You said anything. So you have to do what I say." He said. I nodded and felt my eyes go back to brown. "Good girl." He said. "C'mon well take her back to our place." He said as he walked back to the van. I was going to get in back but Louis told me to sit up front with him. "This is going to be fun." Louis said starting the van.

"Great." I said quietly. "Louis can I ask you something?" I asked.

"Shot." He said. "What's Niall's power?" I asked. "Nobody can hit like that. And that speed." I said seeing Niall turn his head out of the corner of my eye.

"He has strength and speed. Liam has strength too. Harry can read minds and Zayn can remove senses." He said. "And I can control energy." He said.

"Are you going to tell her every thing?!" Niall said.

"It's okay I can hear if she's going to do anything." Harry said.

"Great." I said louder then I hoped. Everyone's eyes went to me.

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