Caring For You


Emily is Junior at Horseheads High School. Everything is normal, until she becomes popular. All the boys wanted her and all the girls wanted to be her. Her girl best friends are Molly Bougerouis, Tatum Benesh, Rachel Brennen, an d Lia Cicconi. Her guy best friends are Cameron Wagner, Stephen Andryshak, Peter Grella, and Michael Burns. Emily's crush is Tyler Rogan. But Sadly he is taken by the evil Kylee Hubbell, Emily's worst enemy. What Will Happen later in the year that will change her life forever? Read To Find Out!


5. Chapter 5

Nialls POV

Its been a week since I punched the locker. I'm finally going to go to school today. I will just keep ignoring everyone and work on all my studies. I really don't want to go but my mum is making me. I walk into school and everyone is staring at me. I look down and tried to figure out where I was going. I finally see my locker and go grab my phycology book. I see then that the boys are all around me staring at me. "Niall are you okay?" Zayn asked. Okay so maybe I wont ignore the boys but I will ignore everyone else especially Emily.  "I'm just fine and dandy." I say with a fake smile. "why did you punch the locker?" Harry asked me with a sympathetic look. "because Emily and Michael were kissing!" I said anger clear in my voice. "I'm sorry man. We all knew you liked her." Liam said with sad eyes. "it's okay I guess." I said still really mad from before. I looked down and saw Emily at Michael's locker. I started walking towards them but before I was close enough to punch him, the boys pulled me away and dragged me to the other side of the hallway. "why did you do that?" I asked furious I didn't get to punch him. "because you were going to get in trouble again. Also because Emily looks happy. Don't do anything until he does something bad to her." Louis said having a devious smile on his face. I looked over and saw Michael smirking at me. I just walked past them ignoring Michaels nasty grin and Emily's dreamy smile while looking at him, disgusting. I walked into phycology and during the lesson the teacher announced that we had to do a partner project. He read off the names and I was very displeased to find out I was paired with Michael. After class he came over to me. "what do you want to do for the subject?" I asked through gritted teeth. "how about we do it on love" he says with a big grin. "whatever you want dude." I ask anger clear on my face. "Meet me in the Library during activity period." Michael says.

      Later I walk into the Library and see Emily at the shelf labeled phycology and she smiles when she sees me. I try not to smile back, because I am still mad, but I cant help it, I give her a little half smile and she takes that as an invitation to come over. She says, "So are you ever going to tell me about the locker thing?" "No I would rather not" I say while I sort through some different notes searching for the right ones. I finally see the right books and grab them. I walk away trying not to get mad. I find Michael and start to work on the project. We only got a quarter way through the project. "dude how about you come over to Emily's house and we can work on it their." he asks a devious smirk on his face. "um are you sure about that?" I ask. "totally! unless theirs a problem with that" he says. "no problem at all" I said. "good then meet me at her house at 4." "Okay" I said, I stormed off into the bathroom. I need to cool down. I turned on the tap and splashed some cold water on my face.

*end of the day*


It was 3:45 so I thought I should head over to her house now. Their was a note on the door that said to let myself in. I did and set all my books down in the living room waiting for Michael. While waiting I heard screaming coming from Emily's room I rushed and opened the door carefully to find Emily and Michael having sex. I Quietly exited the room and went downstairs. To find Louis sitting on the couch wide eyed. "did you make her scream?" Louis asked. "No, it was just her and Michael having sex." I explained. He saw me fuming and decided to sit closer to me. "Niall calm down. We don't need anything bad happening." "they were doing it in the dark probably so Michael couldn't see her cuts. do you know what's going to happen when he finds out about them?" I asked still not believing what I saw. "we can only hope for the best." he said calmly. "THE BEST WOULD BE EMILY BEING MY GIRLFRIEND NOT THAT DOUCHES!! I FUCKING HATE HIM!" I said finally blowing my top. I never noticed Michael and Emily came down while me and Louis were talking. I looked over at Michael and gave him a disgusted look, while he gave me a smirk. "I'm fucking leaving do the project on your own." I said Storming Out.


For the next couple of weeks I started to let my grades slip but I  finally got them all back into the 90's after a couple of tests.  

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