Not The Way I Planned It

My dad is sending me and my older sister on vacation together to bond some mre not that we don't. But then things don't go as planned

Read on for a great and fun book.

AUTHOR'S NOTE: Some people don 't like to read alot so this will be a meduim size book and I got my name idea from MylanDaFreak and the idea to do author notes


1. Getting Ready



     In a couple of minutes I will be gone.


 My name is Maddie. As you know I am leaving in a few minutes. Well you don't know where do you. Well today my dad is sending me and my sister on vacation together to Paris. To bond more. We get along just fine we never fight but we hardly hang out with each other.


My sister helps me blow dry my hair I leave it in a bun. I am wearing my brown riding boots with a pair of jeans and my baggy long sleeve sweater that has a huge heart in the middle that says My Heart Beats For You in cursive. As you would probably NOT know but it is the fall breaks so must of my outfits will be ugs riding boots jeans cardagais and leg warmers.


This is it. It's time for me to go to Paris. I don't know if I should be happy or sad. Lets just see what kind of things happen to me there.


My dad says if I'm lucky I will probably get tooken out on a date to the eiffel tower with a certain someone.





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