Stuck at Sea

Im Eva, I'm 14, and my Mom just ran away from my Dad and my Dad is abusive so I gonna do what my Mom did. I'm gonna run away. Maybe I'll travel the world, better read if you wanna know...


3. I Dare You

I woke up by Louis banging pots and pans and screaming in my ear. After telling him to go away. I got out of bed and headed towards the mini tour bus kitchen where all of the boys were looking at me weird.

"What?" I asked confused.

"Well we need to bring you shopping today. You need another outfit..." Liam said.

"And then we need to throw that outfit out!" Louis pointed at my clothes and pretending to be disgusted.

"Thanks Louis." I said sarcastically "But I want to wear it for the rest of my life."

"HAHA, I am not letting you wear that. No offense but you smell really bad, go take a shower and you can wear some of my clothes." Harry said pointing to the bathroom door.


I took a shower and changed into Harrys sweats and T-shirt. Then I went into the TV room where the boys were playing FIFA.

"Hey guys." I said.

"I love your clothes, whoever gave you it has some serious swag." Harry said.

"PUH-LEEEEZZZZZ. I think your clothes are sooooo yesterday." I said while acting like a brat.

"Ready to go shopping?" Liam asked.

"Yeah lets go" I said and we all went to the mall and went in Hollister, Abecrombie, and a bunch of other stores. The boys all helped me pick out clothes and then we left. We went to Nandos and then back to the tour bus. Zayn was acting all weird, he's been really quiet around me. We decided to watch Toy Story when we got to the tour bus because Liam insisted. I sat in between Liam and Zayn. The movie just finished and the credits started.

"LETS PLAY TRUTH OR DARE!!!!!!" Louis screamed. We all agreed and sat in a circle in the middle of the room.

"Okay I'll start. Harry truth or dare?" Louis said happily.


"Straighten your hair." Louis said evilly. Harrys eyes looked like the were going to pop out of his head.

"NOOOOOO I MEANT TO SAY TRUTH!!!!" He wouldn't do it so we ended up holding him down while i straightened his hair. when we were done Harry continued the game.

"Well since you like to straighten hair over there. Eva, truth or dare."

"Dare" I said to the now even more hot Harry with straight hair.

"I dare you to kiss me." I kissed him on the cheek. And the smirked at him.

"Nuh uh. A real kiss. On the lips!" He said and I knew I had to do it so I went over to him and kissed him, it felt so right. I realized we had been kissing for a file and it was turning into a make out session so I pulled away. And sat back in my spot which happened to be between Zayn and Harry.

"Ok Niall, truth or dare."

"After that dare? I dunno...." he said worriedly

"Come on choose dare." everyone was saying until he gave in.

"I dare you to night eat food until tomorrow morning." I said smiling.

"You are mean! I am done playing and going to bed." He said grumpily. Then Liam decided he was going to go to bed too, and so did Louis. We all decided to watch some TV, after we watched an episode of the Walking Dead, Zayn went to bed and so it was just Harry and I.

"What was that dare about?" I asked Harry confused about the earlier scene.

"Uh well, I like you, a lot. I was wondering if you would go out with me?" he asked

"I'd love too."

"Cool, I'm bored wanna go for a walk?" Harry said

"YA" and then we went out the door and started walking around the city, we passed a bunch of stores and restaurants and even the ally I called home. We were just wandering around when we came upon the London eye and decided to go on it.

"Wow you can see the whole city from" I said amazed.

"Ya! but you can't see one thing." Harry said.

"Really? What?" I asked confused

"How much I love you" and then he leaned in and kissed me, we we're making out and when we stopped we realized we had been on the London eye for a while. Then someone came on the loudspeaker and said "Hello, this is the manager of the London Eye and we are experiencing some technical difficulties so get comfy because you might be here for a while. Sorry for the inconvenience."

"Well I guess we're stuck here." I said.

"Yeah. Eva will you be my girlfriend? I really like you."

"Sure." And with that we kissed, and it got really heated and then it got, "rough". After that we both got dressed and waited a few more hours and it was now 4 am and then it started moving again so we stood up and when they let us off they gave us a refund. I was really tired so Harry gave me a piggy back ride home and I fell asleep during that.

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