Stuck at Sea

Im Eva, I'm 14, and my Mom just ran away from my Dad and my Dad is abusive so I gonna do what my Mom did. I'm gonna run away. Maybe I'll travel the world, better read if you wanna know...


2. Big Changes

I was getting released from the hospital today and I still haven't met the people that saved me. I guess I'll never know. Right then as if on que *KNOCK* *KNOCK* *KNOCK* "Come in." I said then they walked in.

"Uh hi" one of them said, he had a bad boy look which made him look really mysterious, I liked that, he was probably the cutest of them all.

"Hi, I'm sorry, but who are you guys again?" I said

"Oh! You don't know who we are? I guess we just assumed that" the curly haired boy started to say when the one wearing stripes and suspenders cut him off.

"Excuse me? Gurl do you live under a rock or something? Oh dis is serious, Hazza, hold my earrings  its about to get ugly." He sassed and everyone in the room burst into laughter except me because I was just confused.

"Uh sorry, thats Louis the "sass master", thats Harry, this is Zayn, I'm Liam, and this is our potato Niall" Liam said pointing to each of them, but I have to admit, Zayn, Louis, and Liam were really hot. What am i saying?!? I have a boyfriend! I think, if he's alive.

"Whats wrong love?" Zayn asked

"Uh, well I guess you guys should know why I was in the ocean.... Well I met my boyfriend Chance on a cruise 4 years ago and we decided to go on another cruise and it s-s-sunk (i gulped as i said it with tears brimming my eyes). When it sank I was in the pool and Chance was in our room, and I don't know if he's even alive." I said with a few tears rolling down my cheeks, I hated crying, I feel like it makes me vulnerable and shows all of my weak spots.

"Well I'm sorry about that." Niall said

"Where are you from? I love your accent" Louis said

"I bet hes at home worried sick about you." Liam comforted me.

"Thanks, I lived in Ireland until I was 14 but now I live in Australia so its a half Irish and a half Australian accent." I replied.

"Really I'm from Ireland too!" Niall yelled

"I thought I recognized that accent" I said

"Well since your so far from home would you like to stay with us until you get a flight home?" Zayn offered.

"Ya that would be awesome, thanks"

"Lets go. Wait I didn't catch your name love?" Louis said impatiently

"Sorry, I'm Eva" and with that we checked out of the hospital and went to their place. When we pulled up it was huge. A mansion!

"Uh this house is huge!"

"Well I mean we are famous." Harry said. Man his dimples were adorable.

"Famous for what?!" 

"Well were all singers in the band One Direction" Louis said proudly.

We went inside and Zayn gave me a tour of the house.

"This is Nialls room, Harrys room, Liams room, Louis room, and the bathroom." he said pointing to the doors in the hallway.

"Wheres your room?"

"Oh ya follow me." Then he lead me to the end of the hall and into the amazing room that looked like it should be in a magazine. There was a huge balcony so I had to go out on it.

"Its amazing out here, and your room is so cool and perfect!"

"Thanks" he said

"But where am I staying?"

"Oh well the guest room is taken by our manager at the time so, I dunno, you can stay with me if you want?" he offered. OMG he's so cute how he was nervous to ask, how could I say no.

"Uh, well I was more thinking of staying with Harry.... I'm kidding. I'd love to."

"Cool. Lets go downstairs, Harrys making dinner and it should be done soon." Zayn said happily.

We went downstairs and had dinner and then decided to watch a movie. Harry wanted to watch Hatchet 3 so Liam got it on Netflix and hit play.  Harry and Louis were on one couch and I was sitting on the other couch between Zayn and Liam. Suddenly the monster guy popped out and we all jumped and screamed. Louis jumped into Harrys arms and I hid behind Zayn while Liam hid behind me. We all went back to our spots after a few minutes and then it scared me again and I ended up cuddling into Zayn.

"You know its just a movie right" Zayn said and I started coming out from hiding behind Zayn when it popped out again. After that movie was done we just watched some TV, and there was a Walking Dead marathon on. (this is your author and you probably don't know this but I am obsessed with the Walking Dead) We watched that and during the commercials I had to explain what was going on to Zayn because he had never watched it before, all the other boys had gone to bed after the movie. When it came back on my eyes were instantly glued to the screen. I felt like someone was watching me so I looked at Zayn and I noticed he was staring at me.

"You know, I wouldn't have to explain everything if you watched the screen instead of me" I said

"Ya, but you're just so pretty" He said

"Thanks, you're not too bad looking yourself"I said.

"Would you do the honors of going on a date with me, tomorrow night, the movie theater?" he asked.

"I'd love too, but I might have a boyfriend." As I said that I saw his smile turn upside down.

"Oh, well he's a lucky guy. And we got tickets for you to catch a plane in 2 days."

"Thanks, I'm gonna go to bed"

"Me too." he said

we went upstairs and both slept in his bed, nothing happened of course though, because I was not a cheater and would never be.


That next day went by quickly and I was going to have trouble saying goodbye to my new best friends, especially since I had no friends back at home other than Chance but he could be dead so I have no idea what I'm going to do if he isn't home.

*skip a little*

 I was saying goodbye to all of my friends, but I had to go quickly or I would miss my flight so I hugged them all and had to go. I fell asleep on the plane but woke up when we were about to land. I got off of the flight and got a taxi to Chance and I's house, this was the moment, where I could find out if he were dead or alive. I unlocked the front door and went inside, I walked through the hall and looked in the living room, he wasn't there, but I kept my hopes up, I heard people in the kitchen so I went that way, I wanted to surprise him with a hug. It sounded like his parents were here.

"Mom, Dad, meet Tina she's my new girlfriend" I heard Chance say. That stung so I was about to walk in when his mother said

"Oh nice to meet you Tina, but what happened to Eva, I liked her?" I assumed now would be the best time to walk in so i started walking in as Chance said

"Well she's a bitch and-" I walked in right then with tears rolling down my cheeks and a heart shattered to bits.

"Ya, What happened to that Eva bitch?" I somehow said, threw all of the tears, while shaking my head in denial.

"Eva? You're alive?" Chance said amazed.

"Yeah, and I've heard enough, you meant everything to me, but I obviously meant nothing to you. Goodbye Chance." I said with tears stilling flowing from my eyes. I started to walk out the door when he grabbed my wrist and turned me around.

"Please give me another chance. Eva I'm sorry. I love 'this Eva bitch' " I slightly laughed at his reference. Then he started to lean in to kiss me, but I wasn't that weak, and he wasn't going to get me back. I pushed him away with even more tears, he looked at me confused.

"DONT YOU EVER TOUCH ME AGAIN! I wish I had never been on that first cruise." I cried out and turned around and ran. I ran as fast as I could. I ran with the sound of someone calling my name to come back. I ran with fear of falling for his trap again. But most of all I ran like the day I ran from my Dad. I ran with fear that he would find me.

Its crazy how quickly your life can change. How it can go from feeling like your on top of the world to feeling like you disappear without anyone noticing. So thats what I did. I disappeared. I went to London, slept in the alleyways of the beautiful city. Begged for change from strangers that could care less. And found food in the dumpsters of nearby restaurants.

I ran from Chance 3 months ago. I went with my usual day and went out on the main road wearing the same clothes I wore when I ran from him. I was begging for change that a few months ago I would just through out. But no one was generous.

"Spare change." I had asked over 100 strangers so far when one stopped and pulled out some change and gave me a whole handful.

"Thank you so much!" I said looking up at the generous stranger. But my whole body froze when I saw the familiar red stripes and suspenders.

"Louis? Is that you?" I asked not believing what I was seeing.

"Eva? What happened? I thought you went home to Chance and your old life." He said confused.

"I did, well, I tried to. Lets just say he didn't want me to come home. He moved on, and said things to his parents that made me kick myself out of his life. Forever, and I had nowhere to go. So here I am. But why are you here?" I explained

"Well the band and I is on tour and London is part of the tour love."

"Oh" I said

"Come on, lets go back to the rest of the boys." he said offering his hand to help me up. I took it and we walked to the tour bus. We walked in and the boys were all playing FIFA.

"Hey guys, look who I found." They all looked up with wide eyes and Zayns jaw dropped when he saw me. Thats when I became seriously embarrassed of how I looked.

"Eva what happened?!?" Liam yelled worriedly.

"When I went home, Chance was there, having his parents meet his new girlfriend, and he said some things about me before he saw me and I kicked myself out after I let him know I was alive. Then I had nowhere to go so I ran, and now I'm in Londons streets begging for enough money to keep me from starving to death or dehydrating."

"Why didn't you come back to us?" Zayn said.

"Because I figured I'd be too much of a burden."

"No, you're our friend and now you're staying with us, we have an extra bunk bed and it has your name on it." Niall said without giving me a choice.

"Yep, and you have no say in this decision." Harry reminded me.

"Thanks, again, for letting me stay with you guys until I find somewhere to go"

"Oh no! You're staying with us for at least the rest of tour!" Louis sassed.

"Well, I better get comfy" and with that I made my bed that was above Zayns bunk bed and went to sleep.

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