(On Hold) My Brother And I

Felicity and her brother Nick, have always shared a special bond. They have always been there for eachother. Their's mum and dad got a devorce two years ago and they now live with their mum and her new husband George.
Felicity is known for being the shy and cute one in school, she is really bad for sticking up for herself.
Nick is every girls dream but he doesn't let anyone in except his sister. Felicity is the only one he trust.
What will happen when their dad doesn't want anything to do with them and George trying to take over his place and thinks his doing what's the best for them, seperate Felicity and Nick.
Read and find out!


1. Chapter 1

I remember when me and my brother Nick was playing on the beach in Miami when we were little. And how we slept in each others beds cause we was scared of the monster under the bed. How he always protected me and never stopped. I am 16 and he is 17 barely any age different. He is my best friend and older brother all in one package. I love him and will always be there for him when he needs me. 


"Felicity!, Nick!. Breakfast", my mum shouted from downstairs. I had my black jeans and a white shirt on and I've curled my hair. 

I walked downstairs and everyone was there. My mum was doing some toast, George was reading the news paper and Nick was drinking a hole package of Juice. I sat down in front of Nick. "Thirsty much?", I asked while I took some ice tea.

"Wondering much?", we started to smile at each other. After a few minutes of smiling and giggling we caught George staring at us. 

"What?", Nick asked with his hole mouth with toast. "I don't understand you two", George looked a bit enjoyed. "Don't try honey, Bill and I haven't figured it out for 18 years". Me and Nick started to laugh a bit. It was kinda like a mystery our relationship. But I like it that way, they don't have to know everything. "So you guys are going to work today?", I asked. "Yeah I need to be at the hospital to 8PM and George are going to have a police meeting the hole day", mum gave us a toast each. "It's Friday and we are going to be home after lunch", Nick took a big bite from his second toast. "Not me I promised Thalia that I would help her study after school", I looked at Nick just to see his reaction. 

I didn't know when I was going to be home and Nick knew that too. He hates to be alone with George in the house actually I don't like it either, he has such a big ego and thinks that what he does is the right thing to do. 

"Isn't that good Nick?, than you'll be home alone for four hours and then have some special time with George", mum sounded very excited. Nick gave her a fake smile, I knew it was fake. 

"We can desguise your future as a police man", George kissed my mum goodbye and drove a way for work. 

Our mum looked at us for a while with big eyes, it was really scary when she did that. "Time for school Nick". Nick nodded and we ran out from the kitchen and out from the front door. 

The sun was shining and birds singing. We didn't live so far away from school, It takes 20 minutes to walk. 

"I'm sorry for the Thalia thing"

"It's okey, I can ask Felix if I can stay there for a while after school"

"Good, you know that I would never leave you with George If I knew"

"I know sis, don't worry about it". 

When we arrived at school everything looked normal. The football team was flirting with the chearleaders. The nerds was studying and so on. 

"See you later", Nick hugged me goodbye and left. 

"Hey your Nick James sister right?", Lisa came up to me. The school diva kinda. 

"Yeah, I'm Felicity."

"Can you give this to him?", she bite her lip while gave me a pink letter. 

"A love letter for Nick?".

"Ofcourse he Is hot and well you are his sister so your made to be his personal maildeliver". 

I took the letter in my hand, It smelled like roses. She had marked it with Nick and a little heart on it. "I'll give it to him". 

"Thanks", Lisa walked away with her dress and high heels. 

I looked around and saw Nick sitting with Felix at the coffee shop outside the school. 

"Hi Felicity nice shirt", Felix smiled at me, "Thank you". 

Felix had short blonde hair with blue eyes, he was really cute. Nick had known him since kindergarden, he was like one in the family almost. 

"Lisa gave me this letter for you Nick". 

"Oh a loooove letter", Felix punched him on the arm. 

Nick didn't smile he didn't do anything, he just staired at the letter. "Let me see!", Felix took the letter from me and opened it. 

"Dear Nick James, the school hottie. What do you say about a movie friday night?. LOVE Lisa", Felix had a crazy look in his face, like he was a little girl that just had his first crush. "You can't say no to Lisa Philips", he explained. 

"Yes I can", Nick sounded a bit aggressive.

"Well I have a lesson now, so you guys can figure the Lisa thing out.

"See you later", Felix said and I walked away. 

I was sad for Nick's sake. Since mum and dad had a devorce, he never let anyone in. Like he thinks that everyone is going to let him down. 


Comment what you think about this story, I think it will be a great story :). It's a little different from my other story that's why I'm really excited about this one!. 


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Xoxo BraveJ

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