Chelsea has been going through a bad patch in her life and when something bad happens to her dad she realizes that she is stronger that she first thought and that things could only get better, but how? who could make her life better? why her?


3. Airport

Chelsea's POV


So dads boss' rang last night and said that he will have to stay in hospital for 7-10 days because hes got 5 broken ribs, a collapsed lung and a broken shoulder blade, so they will be booking us flights for the morning.

right now we are just about to get on the mini plane that will be taking us up to Scotland. they say it will take about an hour and a half  to get there so that's not too bad but i just wanna get to the hospital to see dad now.

as we took off i felt my eyes slowly closing after all it was only 5:30 am and i didn't really get much sleep last night either.

i woke up to mum shaking me trying to wake me up..

Mum: Chels we're here

Me: Finally..

Mum: you've been asleep the whole way here how can you be complaining?

Me: i'm not i just wanna see dad

Mum: i know me too!

we got off the plane and when to get our bags but when we got there they had';t started putting the bags through yet so mum went to the toilet and i went on twitter as usual, the belt started moving so i put my phone away and waited for our bags. mum still wasn't back yet, what was taking her so long?

as i moved closer to the belt to see the bags i thought i saw someone looking at me so i looked over the other side of the belt and saw the one and only..Niall Horan! why the hell was he in Scotland? and where were the boys? and Paul?

i was trying so hard not to fangirl right there when i felt someone tap my shoulder i looked round to see mum stood next to me smiling like an idiot. what's wrong with her? and what took her so long?

Mum: please tell me you see him too and i'm not just seeing things?

i could tell she was also trying not to fangirl

Me: see who?

Mum: Niall..stood right over there looking directly at you..

Me: oh yeah i noticed him why?

Mum: why? why? how are you being so calm? its Niall fucking Horan stood right there, still looking at you, i don't think he taken his eyes off you once 

Me: how would you know? you've only been here for like 2 minuets..

Mum: no I've been stood over there watching him looking at you..

Me: that's kinda creepy yanno.. 

Mum: shut up its cute

Me: anyway i'm gunner get our bags now i can see them coming our way..

and with that i walked over to the belt and got both our bags, luckily they came right after other so i didn't have to wait long for the next one. once i got both the bags i took them back over to mum only to see her smiling at me like an idiot

Me: what wrong with you?

Mum: he didn't take his eyes off you the whole time you were over there..

Me:really?!? i don't believe you

Mum: trust me chels he like you..i can tell

Me: and how would you know?

Mum: from the way he walking over to us now with a smirk on his face..


thanks for reading

i will update soon, that is if you want me to?

let me know what you thing in the comments:)




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