Don't go Rosey

19 year old Rosey Jenabon was your averge girl. She was beautiful and had a bubbly personalty but once her boyfriend fsmous her entire life was flipped upside down. She even became famous herself. Rosey gets to hang out with Niall and his mates. She thinks this is the life she wants... And maybe it is.


8. Mothers, Moms, Mommys

"What... What am I going to do?" I sobbed. "Shh it's okay, we will tell the boys after the performance." El was trying to calm me down. I was scared. My baby sister was kidnapped. My family lived in Forks, Washington and I was far from there. I moved to London when I was 16 because I wanted change in my life. I lived with my aunt till I was 18. Any way I didn't know how I was going to deal with my sister gone. I had to go home. 

Niall and the boys ran on too the bus shouting and running to get away from the fans. They were in a very good mood. They walked into the living room were they saw me crying into Eleanor and Eleanor cradling me and rocking me back and fourth. They all stopped yelling and shouting when they saw us. Niall gently sat down on the couch "Love? You okay?" He cooed. I shook my head. "My-y-y sister, Bella, she i-is g-gone. Missing. Kidnapped. Possibly dead. Possibly raped. A thirteen year old girl for god sakes. Forks, Washington. I'm too far. Parents devastated. Poor. Sister." I cried harder. I put my head on Eleanor's lapped and sobbed as she explained to the confused boys. Zayn looked away in shock, Liam walked away to make a phone call to my family, Harry had to sit down, Louis went and hugged El and Niall picked me up bridal style. He carried me off the tour bus as he ran to the back entrance in the hotel before anyone could spot us. 

"Rose do you want to talk about it?" Niall asked, still holding me as he sat on the couch. My grip on his shirt tightened and I shrugged my shoulders.Niall rocked me back and fourth saying "Baby please don't cry, your gonna make me cry! I can't bare to see you in pain" Niall's eyes started to fill with tears. I sat up and started kissing Niall. Something in my body wanted comfort and this made me feel settled. I unhooked my bra and took my shirt off. "Babe I can't take advantage of you. Not while you're like this. Not now" Niall mumbled. "Niall please, please don't ruin this." I whined. Niall reluctantly nodded his head. I wrapped my legs around his waist and Niall picked me up and we moved into the bedroom. We took are clothes off... (Okay you can figure the rest out). 

Now I know what your thinking that I'm horrible person for doing it in this situation. But it wasn't normal sex, it was sex that soothed me on the inside. If that makes since... I felt the bare of arms wrapped around my waist move off of me and I felt the bed move as Niall got off of it. "Niall... NIall... NIAll... NIALl... NIALL..."  I felt fully awake but it's like someone else made me say that. Niall ran to the side of the bed and cupped my cheek with his hand "Love?" "I-I-I want B-Bella to c-come homeeeeeeee" I wailed. Niall helped me sit up and we walked into the living and sat on the couch. Niall draped his arm around my body and I leaned in to him. "Niall?" "Yes babe?" Niall asked. "W-will you sing to me?" I stuttered. "Of course! What song?" 
"More Than Us... But start with your part" 
"Okay... *he cleared his throat* 
'If I’m louder, would you see me?
Would you lay down
In my arms and rescue me?
‘Cause we are the same
You save me,
When you leave it’s gone again,

And then I see you on the street,
In his arms, I get weak,
My body fails, I’m on my knees

When he opens his arms and holds you close tonight,
It just won’t feel right,
‘Cause I can love you more than this, yeah,
When he lays you down,
I might just die inside,
It just don’t feel right,
‘Cause I can love you more than this," 

"Hey let us in!" Screamed the boys and Eleanor. "You were singing some of MY part!" Louis pouted. Everyone laughed but me. "We are canceling the tour at once, and flying back to Forks" stated Liam. I frowned, I felt bad. "It's gonna be okay." Soothed El. I nodded my head and walked out of the room. 

I shut the sliding door to the patio. I walked over to the railing and leaned against it "Bella if your out there please come home" I whispered. I heard the glass door open and shut again. Not knowing who it was I turned around. "I told the boys we needed some girl time." El said. I nodded my head and turned back around. "El, why does Bella have to go through this?" I asked. "I don't know Rose, I don't know if we will find her, but I do know it's going to get better. Maybe not now, maybe not in a year but things always happen for a reason." Reassured El. "Thank you, for being my friend El." I said. She responded with "Your welcome and thank you for being my friend too". 

We walked back in to the house. "You okay?" Asked Niall. "Ehh" I shrugged my shoulders. 

(3 days later) 
We had been in Forks, Washington for
1 day now. "Niall?" I called out in to the living room. "Yes love?" 
"Can you come here?" My hands were shaking as I held the 6 sticks the all had a positive sign but one. I couldn't believe Niall had gotten me pregnant. Niall walked in and I passed him the sticks. He looked up at me "This is amazing babe!" "Y-your not mad?" I stuttered. I was very shocked I did not know Niall wanted a baby. "No! I mean I thought it would happen in a year or so but it's not that bad having a baby with someone you love!" Stated Niall. I nodded my head and walked over to him and hugged him. My phone rang all the sudden. "Hello?" I said. 
"Um... Rose?" Said El. 
"Yesterday I uh found out I was... Um... Well... Pregnant" 
"El! Me too! I just found out!" 
We talked for a little longer and then she said she would grab the other guys so we could tell everyone. A second later everyone walked in and we told them the good news. Everyone was really happy for us, I heard a knock on the door and went told get it.

 I opened the door and shrieked, everyone ran to where I was and El gasped. Bella had a gun pointed to her head. "Give me a million dollars or little baby sister goes bye bye" said the scary man wearing a mask. "Niall?" I shrieked. All the guys looked at each other. Niall wrote a check for a million dollars. He handed it to the man and the man put the gun down. He took of running out the door. I pulled Bella into a hug, suddenly I heard I gun shot and felt Bella fall into me. I looked down at the outside of her thigh to see blood running down. She started screaming hysterically. Harry grabbed the phone and called the ambulance and police. In no time I was in the back of a ambulance with Bella and Niall. Bella was crying and it broke my heart. I held on to her hand tight and just kept saying everything will be okay. She nodded her head and slowly stopped screaming. The doctor explained she would need surgery. Which made Bella cry even more. "Rose I want mom! I want mommy! I need mommy!" She wailed. I squeezed her hand trying to distract her from the long ride of the ambulance. "Hey you know what? I'm going to be a mommy" I soothed. "Really?" She cried. "I miss everything!" She joked. Niall and I chuckled and he gave my shoulder a little squeeze. 

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