Don't go Rosey

19 year old Rosey Jenabon was your averge girl. She was beautiful and had a bubbly personalty but once her boyfriend fsmous her entire life was flipped upside down. She even became famous herself. Rosey gets to hang out with Niall and his mates. She thinks this is the life she wants... And maybe it is.


4. Action movies and pictures

"Niall no..." I drifted off. "Please Rosey just go with me to three different countries, if you don't like it I will pay for your ticket home". It has been a day since Niall got out of the hospital (he was in the hospital for 8 hours and the tour begins again tomorrow)  and he's trying to get me to go with him on his tour around the world. "Niall what about school?" I asked. "We have tutors to tutor you, we can arrange for you to get out of school and will be a good life experience!" He answered. "Okay fine Niall but if want to go home I'm going home!" I replied. "That's all I'm asking for." We were staying at a hotel in Paris. "Niall what about my clothes bras, underwear, shirts, shorts, shoes, socks, I only have my iPhone..." 

"We can buy you all new clothes" 
"Really, are you sure?"
"Sure why not." 
"Then it is settled I'm going with you to... Where are we going?" 
"First Brussels, Belgium then Amsterdam, Netherlands and then Austin, Texas." I smiled at him and turned and walked out on to the patio. Niall trailed after me and wrapped his arms around my waist I rocked me side to side. "Niall I would like to be alone please" I ordered. "Okay would you like me to bring you a blanket? It's a really cold night,  tonight love" 
"Nah" I shook my head and he nodded his head, walked back inside and sat down on the couch to watch television. I stared at moon wondering if this would really work. I did want to be with Niall but didn't want to leave home. I stood there for about 5 more minutes and then went back inside. "Hey babe I'm going to go to bed, I'm really tired" I yawned. "But it's only 10:30 p.m." whined Niall. I laughed and hugged Niall goodnight. 

I woke up to the sound of an action movie and boys screaming. I looked at my phone it was 1:00 a.m. I got up out of bed and walked into the living room. Niall paused the television and said "Sorry did we wake you?" "Uh yeah kinda" I irritably said. "Not to he rude love but maybe you should put a shirt on..." Only after he said that I remembered I was in my purple bra and my sweat pants. "Whatever this is what I lounge in so you boys can get use to it." I pointed to Niall's mates. They laughed and Niall replied with "Alright, but if you guys try anything on my girl you won't live to see the next day." Everyone laughed and I walked over to the couch and sat on Niall's lap and spread my legs across Zayn and Harry. Liam was sitting in a chair and so was Louis. "Do you mind!" Sarcastically said Harry. "Nope!" I replied. Zayn laughed and Niall started the movie again. 
After the movie no one was tired so we went to Ihop around 2ish (yes I put a shirt on and shoes) Tons of people wanted to take pictures with the guys which was really awkward for me but then like 10 girls asked to also take a picture with me since I was Niall's girl friend. I said sure and made some silly faces with strangers. Niall laughed as I said "I feel like I'm in high school again except this time I'm the most popular girl. Instead of just being in the crowd" We sat down in a booth for six. "Doesn't the tour start again tomorrow?" I asked. "Yes" replied Louis. "Shouldn't we get some sleep?" They all laughed at me and Zayn replied "We can sleep on the bus." I nodded my head. When we got are food we ate then Niall and I went to the hotel and the rest of the boys went out to drink. Niall could tell I wanted to go back to the hotel, I was tired. When we got home I went to the bathroom "Shit!" I screamed. Niall ran in a worriedly said "What?" "I started my period. I need some female products" I casually said. "Niall nodded his head and said he would take care of it. "Wait Niall you can't go. If someone takes a picture of you buying female products everyone will know I started my period. No thank you." "I'm calling Harry to do it, if someone catches him he's not dating anyone and everyone knows Harry is a ladies man so they won't care." "Okay thanks babe." About two hours later a drunk Harry came in with some tampons and pads. "Took you long enough" I mumbled and Harry waved his hand, smiled, laughed and walked out the door. Oh Harry I thought. I went to crawl into bed when Niall came in and said Harry passed out 2 feet down the hallway so he's going to help him to his room. I said "okay" and drifted off to a peaceful sleep for the second time.

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