Don't let go

Zayn and Lucy are in a perfect relationship and have been for 2 years but Lucy is leaving for college and Zayn is going on tour with One Direction. Will they stay and be together or will they go? Can friends help convince them to stay or go? A tragic love story!!


1. In love

"I'm on my way babe" Zayn texted me and when I read it I smiled.He was taking me out to dinner for our 1year anniversary. I had a quick shower then dried my hair. All that was left to do was find my outfit. I picked out some nice clothes and put them on then I grabbed my phone and headed downstairs to the kitchen to get the gift I got Zayn. I got him a man bracelet with my name with a plus in the middle and then his name. I heard his car arrive outside so I quickly grabbed my phone and purse and slipped on some shoes then I opened the door and saw a black limo waiting for me as we'll as Zayn holding a red rose, grinning at me. I ran up and hugged him tightly then kissed him then he handed me the rose "one very pretty rose for one very pretty girl" "awww Zayn you didn't have to" "yes I did, it's our 1 year anniversary.

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