Styles Brothers! *Completed*

Hi, my name is Jessica Bradley and I am a new student to London, what will happen when I meet the Styles' twins?


4. Celebrating


"Knock, knock." My dad says and I open my eyes and I sit up.

"Hey dad." I say, yawning.

"Hey, the guys of One Direction are coming over, we are shooting the video." He says and I sigh.

"Great dad." I say and he nods and leaves.

About an hour later the doorbell rings and I hear the door open.

"Mr. Bradley!" I hear a group of guys say and I roll my eyes.

I get a little hungry and I go to the kitchen where I find a blonde boy eating a sandwich.

"Hi." He says, finishing off his sandwich.

"Um hi." I say, getting out some chips.

"You're Jessica?" He asks and I nod.

"Why?" I ask, eating a chip.

"I'm Niall and Marcel talks about you all the time." He says and I nod again.

"Ok." I say and he puts his plate in the sink.

"Well, see you later." He says, leaving and I just keep eating chips.

My phone makes a beeping noise which means I have a text, I pull it out of my pocket and I look at it.

Hey want to hang out? It reads and I look at who it's from, Avan.

Sure. I reply and I set down my phone and I put up the chips and my phone beeps.

I'm outside, come on out. He replies and I put my phone in my back pocket and I go to the foyer and I grab my purse and I look to my left and they are filming their video, I look at everyone and when I look at Harry, he is staring at me. I open the front door and I look out and Avan is leaning against his car so I walk out and close the door and I go over to him.

"Hello." He says, opening my door.

"Hey Avan!" I say, getting in and he gets in too.

"Carnival is here today, want to go?" He asks, pulling out of my driveway.

"Yes please!" I say and he laughs.

We show up and there are a lot of people there.

"Bumper cars." He says and points and I look at where he is pointing and there are barely anybody there, I grab his hand and I pull him over there.

"You're going down Jogia!" I say and he laughs and we get in our cars.

He drives toward me and I turn out of his way and then I bump him.

"Told you!" I say and he laughs.

"Whatever Bradley!" He says, bumping me.

We finish on the bumper cars and we go to the ferris wheel.

We sit together and we start going up.

"I wonder how many paparazzi are here." I say, looking over everything.

"Who cares." Avan says and I look at him and smile.

My phone beeps and I pull it out and I look at it, it's from my dad.

We're going out for dinner, meet us at that pizza place, you love so much. It says and I sigh.

"Look like you have to take me to Pizza Palace." I say and he nods.

We get off and we go by a stand that if you hit the bottles, you get a stuffed panda.

"Avan! Panda!" I say and he smiles and we go up to the booth and he pays and he hits the bottles on the first try, the girl hands him the panda and he hands it to me.

We go to the car and he drives me to the pizza place.

"Hope you had fun." He says and I nod and I get out and I put the panda in my dad's car and I go inside.

I find my dad and the guys in the back and I go back there.

"Where did you go?" My dad asks and I sit next to him.

"Avan came by and we went to the carnival." I say and I take a sip of my Dr. Pepper that my dad ordered for me.

"That's cool." He says and I smile.

"So why are we here?" I ask, looking around at everyone.

"We beat the Vevo record." Marcel says and I smile.

"That's great, conratulations guys." I say.

"Thanks." They say at the same time.

"What's the song called?" I ask.

"Best Song Ever, my idea." Zayn says.

"Nice." I say and he nods.

"I'll have to listen to it later." I say and the waiter brings us our pizza.

"Hey sweetie, do you want to go swimming?" My dad asks and I look at him.

"Um yeah." I say, eating some of my pizza.

"Can we come swimming too?" Niall asks.

"Sure but you guys will be swimming in the dark." My dad says and I get up.

"What?" Me and the guys say at the same time.

"Nevermind." My dad says and I get up.

"I'm done, i'll be in the car." I say and I smile at everyone and I go to the car.

"Jessica." I turn and Marcel is running up to me.

"Hi Marcel." I say, smiling.

"I-I have to ask you a question." He stutters out.

"What is it?" I ask, sitting on the front bumper of the car.

He sits next to me quietly.

"W-well t-the p-prom i-i-is coming u-up." He says and I smile.

"W-will y-you go with me?" He asks and I smile and I grab his hand.

"Yes Marcel." I say.

"Oh well, sorry for bothering you." He starts rambling and I lean over and kiss him.

"I said yes." I say and he is blushing madly.

My dad and the rest of the lads come out and we all fit into my dad's car and he drives us to the community pool.

Authors Note

Hey my lovelies! I hope you liked this chapter! -Doug the Girl/StyPayHorLikSon

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