The new kid at school

Erica is back to school after a good enough summer, She wants to see her friends but the learning part is what puts her off, She finds a new kid who she learned his name was Louis Tomlinson crying outside, She comforts him and a beautiful friendship blossoms, Could it turn into more than just friendship?.. Louis is the only one erica can turn to when her Mother like maid falls poorly and she's forced to call an ambulance, The next couple of weeks in Erica's life are going to be a rollercoaster...


1. Back to school

Ericas POV

I woke up this morning to the sound of my alarm buzzing in my ear. Some bit of me was excited to get back and see my friends but i thought about me doing my Gcse's this year which made me shiver even at the taught 

I looked at my clock and it was 7:45 my bus to take me to hell arrives outside my house at 8:25 so i decided to get up and ready

I open the door of my walk in wardrobe and go to the very back were the clothes i never where are.. First we have a dress my dad bought my about a year a good, all pink and fluffy, Then a sweater my grandmother knitted for me, and last but not least.. My uniform. with its itchy blue jumper and my short grey ugly skirt and i white shirt, I moaned at the sight of it but changed into it anyways

After i was dressed and my blonde hair was straightened to a crisp and my eyelashes curled perfectly i decided to grab my bag, phone earphones and head down stairs, 

'Morning Rosie' I say to our very old maid, Shes the mother in my life, with my dad being at work all the time and my mum passing when i was little, i practically only ever had rosie to raise me

'Hello Erica' She replies in her spanish accent, 'Are you all set for school?'

'Yeah i am, Just going to get a banana then walk down the lane to wait for it' i say knowing that its wont be here for a good 15 more minutes, But i want to have a cigarette before it get's here. Rosie doesn't know i smoke, If she did she would chope of my hands and legs, Shes a real health hypocrite.

I get a banana from the fruit bowl and head out the door

'Bye love you see you later' I shout

'Love you two, Be good in school' She shouts back just as i close the door

I walk down the lane with my headphones in listening to music, I'm far away from my house now that you couldn't tell if i was smoking or not, i get my cigarettes out of the front of my bag and put one in my mouth and light it, I get to the gate and hope over the wall so i don't have to put in the pin, I enjoy the cigarette then once i'm done, began to eat my banana

The bus pulls up and i trow the skin of my banana on the floor, i get on and take a look around, One boy catches my eye. Ive never seen him before so i presume he must be now, He's hair is like bed hair but is sitting on his head perfectly, He has blue eyes and i can tell he's not the quite type, His eyes leave from his phone and they interlock with mine, i quickly realised i practically drooling over him so i just smile and continue to walk to the back of the bus

As i walk back everybody greets my 

'Hello erica how are you?'

'Good summer Erica?'

A few boys also whistled at me, If you haven't realised already I'm pretty popular and I've lots of friends, Must boys drool over me which makes me feel sick at times, My dads got a real good job so he;s loaded which means i'm loaded and i get everything i want, My life seems perfect to everybody else but its really not at times i mean I live in a place called a house, Not a home..

I sit down beside my best friend Jade who's just going trough her facebook news feed on her phone with her ear phones in, I don't even think she noticed i sat down beside her, We haven't seen each other all summer because her mom found out i smoked and she wants her to stay away from me, But we ignored her and kept in contacts by texting and stuff, I poke jade on the shoulder, She looks up and a smile goes from one end of her cheek to the other

'Erica!' She practically screamed while jumping on me 'I missed you so much' 

I laughed 'I can tell, So how was summer?' I asked

'Ah same as every summer, Got drunk fought with jack made up with him fought some more but made up with him again what about yours?' 

I cant believe she's still with that jack ass, But its her life and i cant tell her what to go with it.. 

'Mine was good being honest, Dad took a week off work and we went to Spain, But other then that it was just quiet' I smile at her

We talk none stop for the next 15 minutes, All of a sudden the bus stops, I look up and see it, the prison that i'm going to be in for the next 6 hours, A part of me goes numb ...

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